Rollover unclaimed JUP from JUPUARY #1 into JUPUARY #2

At the end of July all the unclaimed JUP from the first airdrop will need a new home.
I suggest that all unclaimed JUP from the first airdrop should be rolled over into the second airdrop to accommodate all the new users that the first airdrop attracted to the JUP ecosystem.
Below you can see a distribution of DAU (daily active users) which clearly shows an uptrend since the announcement of the first airdrop after the snapshot in November 2023.

Its beyond doubt that JUP is one of the best protocol and DAOs that exist in crypto, I suggest that we try and get as much JUP into the hands of real & new users in the next jupuary to help grow our ecosystem.


Do we know how much JUP was unclaimed?

That sounds like a good idea! I’m addition, users that have been with the project should be awarded accordingly, to make it fair to those that have been here for some or all of it, should receive more based on how much input, voting, stake, etc. and new users should be given am incentive to participate more to get more JUP.
Thank you.

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I totally support all unclaimed $Jup from the first airdrop should be rolled over into the second airdrop for new and active users.

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Sounds good :+1: LFG​:fire::fire::fire:


Sending it Jupuary 2 is a good but also makes it a whole lot bigger than Jupuary 1.

Two more options:

  1. Let wallets that claimed the initial drop split the remainder in a new drop split equally.
  2. Give it to current stakers.

i concur sir! it would be benefitial and the right thing to do


Brilliant idea!:heart_eyes_cat: This will give us and the rest more motivation to keep up being active and engaged amongst each other! #IN$JUPWETRUST! :heart_eyes_cat: #inspiration #community #engagement


I can’t find the exact figures anywhere

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