Topic Categories & Tags

So i think we’re all starting to feel a bit overwhelmed and inundated with the explosion of topic discussions, ideas and proposals - and this is early days still.

We need to manage focus and accessibility better, and this can be done with intelligent use of topic categories and tags. Lets take a quick overview of forum content;

  1. Official Announcements
  2. WG applications
  3. LFG applications
  4. Protocol Ideation & proposals
  5. Emergent Challenges
  6. Educational Resources
  7. Theoretical/Philosophic
  8. Queries and FAQ
  9. Miscellaneous / Off-topic / General

These 9 categories encompass the entirety of dialog/threads relevant to the DAO. And as such, provide a streamlined way to navigate and organize feedback and contribution.

What we have currently is far too broad and vague for anyone to act on any targeted interest without being overwhelmed by the sheer amount of threads being created everyday. In addition, the overlap of responsibilities and focus points with current labelling creates a bit of confusion with use of tags.

My suggestion is to utilize the identified categories listed above, in conjunction with admin/mods proactively managing and amending threads with appropriate use of tags.

Doing this will improve the efficiency of everyone’s time, focus and participation. If you support this change, click like and feel free to give your constructive input.

Edit* – With these category suggestions, it would go well with tags for each active WG.