Proposal: More optional tags to Topic creation & Discussion: Which ones are needed?

Current state:
Creating a Topic here on Jupresearch lets you pick a fitting Title, the category but on the side of optional tags only: proposal, jwg, cwg and risk

The problem:
Right now there are already a lot topics which do not even have one tag applying to the content, or share the most generic one in common. Tags in this system also have core functionality like keywords have in SEO or hashtags on twitter. It limits the discoverability and user navigation experience, the same as also how content is visual to the Google search engine. It would be great to drive more users here by making use of such a core feature.

In summary, more tags enhance discoverability, streamline navigation, and allow users to customize their forum experience. Whether you’re a regular user or a marketer, embracing tags can elevate your interaction within online communities

In more detail:
Adding more tags to forum topic creation can significantly enhance the user experience. Let’s explore why:

  1. Improved Discoverability:
  • Tags act as labels that categorize content. When users create topics and tag them appropriately, it becomes easier for others to find relevant discussions.
  • Imagine a photography forum where users can NOT tag their posts with keywords like “landscape,” “portrait,” or “editing techniques.” Users interested in specific topics can simply not quickly filter and discover relevant content.
  1. Efficient Navigation:
  • With more tags, users can navigate forums more efficiently. They can sort discussions based on specific topics of interest.
  • For instance, if someone wants to explore “new tokens on the horizon” related topics, they can click on the “Tokenomics” tag to see all more relevant threads.
  1. Customization and Personalization:
  • By allowing multiple tags per topic, forums accommodate diverse interests. Users can cross-categorize their posts.
  • A user discussing both liquidity pools and API-calls can tag their topic with both “liquidity pools” and “API”. This flexibility ensures a tailored experience for each user.
  1. Reduced Noise:
  • Muting tags is another valuable feature. Users can avoid content they’re not interested in by muting specific tags.
  • If someone mutes the “NFT” tag, they won’t see topics solely related to NFT, but mixed topics (e.g., “New DePIN project with utility NFT’s”) will still appear as there could also be a DePIN tag.
  1. Brand Engagement (for marketers):
  • In platforms like Threads, topic tags allow marketers to engage with users organically. Users can discover brand-related discussions more easily.
  • While ads aren’t (we are lucky here) a big thing on Jupresearch, tags help marketers boost brand awareness and connect with their audience also from a projects viewpoint.

Call to action for anyone reading this:

State if you see merit and value in this, or not.
If you agree, suggest some new tags too! I can see the following really being a nice addition:



I feel the same pain. Though in honesty, i have a couple posts that have minimal engagement…i was blaming it on the tags.

I think this is a great idea!


I agree that tags would provide added value here, for the reasons you stated and beyond. Perhaps it could be a free text field vs being limited to specific terms?


I am new here but I have to say, when I read your proposal, I felt that I must reply! The first time I came to this page, for specific information, I found it a bit difficult to find. So, yes, I agree :point_up:t3:


That´s a nice list, I would add Environmental to it as well.


Actually taking it a step further, you are totally right. I mean if people could choose free terms, it would instantly get rid of limiting them in the first place, a little bit like Medium and Linkedin do it, choose any 5 tags you like and if they fall flat it is your own responsibility.

I just thought initially it would be a softer approach to ask for specific ones, because that way the Jupiter Team had a little control over not having weird tags pop up. But in the end, tags are only tags so I would rather have them free form and give that responsibility to users or rather “topic authors”.


Environmental is a big one! I think it would be very useful as the trend is clearly pointing that direction on more than one project.

Just to name a few where it would be needed:

@Betts :

@VoSrcful :

@Duke :

@AmbientNetwork :

Two of them show up when searching for environment, two do not. Tags would solve that but even more importantly, tags would influence SEO and Metatags directly for the Google searchengine optimization, and would elevate the discoverability on the open web, would be rather cool if you search Solana + topic and it would rank Jupiter topics on first page.


I feel you! It is really tricky to understand for a content creator how to position posts here and be recognized. To be fair, tags will not be the only thing of influence here, but what does someone still new else have to go from?

In other forums or Linkedin groups I have good success rate in positioning articles good after an initial vibe check. And while I understand why Jupresearch would be carful to not make too many categories, to keep all “routed in proper channels”, I think the tags approach is too conservative.

At least I am very sure while more engagement is not guaranteed, it would only increase the potential for it and not hurt anything.


Yes i agree!

I go to write some posts and dont know exactly what code or topic to put it under.

Id really like a 'ideas" or “proposals” topic rather than tag ect


I agree this would be a great tag to have, as well as a tagging system in general. I think an ideal approach would be to allow a medium style tagging and maybe once a tag is posted 10ish times or so it becomes a part of the click down options. Not sure if that would be feasible from a development standpoint.


I agree, the lack of tags are really problematic as the search is really not pointing to relevant terms on search.

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Yeah half the time i just go with the closest


Just weird that searching or rather browsing content by tags is not really helpful.
I wanted to write a post about a SOL tracker addon that also shows JUP but when I started to write and saw tag options I already lost interest to write because I did not feel anything matched


I just wanted to say a massive THANK YOU to everyone who contributed to our discussion. I haven’t seen this much activity in a thread since my grandma discovered internet memes! :nerd_face:

Your insights were brighter than my screen at maximum brightness, and trust me, that’s saying something. Each of you brought something unique to the table!

So, here’s to you all, the keyboard warriors of knowledge and wit. May your coffee be strong, your Wi-Fi signal stronger, and your contributions continue to light up our discussions like a smartphone screen in a dark room.

Keep typing, keep shining!


DePIN,Game, Trading, NFT and Environmental is needed!

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I am new to this forum and I think is an awesome privilege to be here.

For easy track of information tags to topic are very important

Yes I agree.


welcome Rash, yes it awesome and you can even learn from here.


Highly recomend you check out my Jup quick links Cheat sheet page.


I recently joined and felt compelled to reply to your proposal. Initially, I found it challenging to locate specific information on this page. So, I completely agree with your point.

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