About the General category

Post about… general topics here


When they can’t find a category that fits with the topic at hand.

Should be a catch-all for topics that don’t really fit into any of the other categories.

  • Solana ecosystem
  • Other blockchains
  • Speculative discussions
  • Giving props to people

A general category is a good idea, although it may be a bit premature without creating other categories first. When people make new posts, if there’s no existing category for it to fit into, it’s going to fall in here. Then we’re going to have a mix of stuff that’s “general” in nature, and stuff that should be put into the future categories.


People should use this :cat:egory for FAQ, general information, concerns or issues previous users have had & how your working on it and information to know how to navigate around. Too much noise on a channel that doesn’t apply to the category will distract users & detour them away, stop them from reading and going further into the category and stop learning on the platform. important information will be missed and big events will I’ll have low volume. A lot of possible missed opportunity all around for the community & the projects growth.



  • I came here to research memes and need a Meme Category
  • IWe need memes to build community, break the ice and make it fun for participants to join the research discussion without feeling overwhelmed.
  • Memes and Meme Research
  • Yes We need it.