[Proposal] Revamp, expand, and grow Jupiter Station into the ultimate platform for navigating the Jupiter ecosystem

Who we are?

At Hooman Digital, we are a dynamic team of versatile professionals with expertise across various digital domains. Our commitment is to deliver authentic and user-friendly solutions tailored to meet DAO requirements. Our diverse team includes designers, developers, writers, marketers, and community builders. A testament to our capabilities is our successful collaboration with Akash Network, where we designed and currently maintain their 100% open-source website, highlighting our dedication to transparency. Explore our work at Akash Network.

Additionally, we are actively involved in developing a cutting-edge platform for ArbitrumDAO, which is accessible here (currently in progress). This platform aims to be a universal hub, enhancing information access within the Arbitrum ecosystem.

Problem Statement

Navigating the complexities of Web3 and the Jupiter ecosystem presents several challenges that impede user experience and community engagement:

1. Complexity for Users

The rapid evolution of Web3 DAOs leaves many regular users and newcomers struggling to grasp essential concepts. Simplifying content presentation is vital for smooth onboarding and sustained user engagement.

2. Scattered Data in Jupiter Ecosystem

Key information is dispersed across various platforms within the Jupiter ecosystem, including developer guides, project documentation, and community contributions. This fragmentation hampers accessibility and understanding.

3. Lack of Community Space

A centralized hub for community showcase is missing on Station. This absence limits collaboration, inhibits the showcasing of work, and undermines efforts to cultivate a strong sense of community belonging.

4. Limited Expansion Scope

Based on the analysis, it’s clear that the current build of Station using docasaurus which is primarily suited for documentation sites. However, this limits our ability to create custom workflows tailored to our specific requirements, hindering expansion possibilities.
Transitioning to a system that allows content updates using pure Markdown would streamline processes and enhance accessibility for non-technical users. With our commitment to maintaining a 100% open-source initiative, we plan to utilize AstroJs, TypeScript, and Tailwind CSS in building this platform. Drawing from our experience with similar projects for arbitrumdao and akash network, we are confident in delivering a top-quality solution that caters to the day-to-day needs of Jupiter DAO.

5. Subpar UX

Insufficient user experience research results in disjointed interactions and a suboptimal platform experience. Understanding user needs and pain points is essential for enhancing usability and driving user satisfaction and retention.

6. Improper Branding and UI

Inconsistent branding, cluttered interfaces, and a lack of engaging visual elements detract from the user experience. Enhancing branding consistency, implementing intuitive UI design principles, and incorporating visually appealing graphics are critical for creating an immersive and enjoyable platform experience.

7. Lack of Visual Backing

Presenting content solely through text without visual aids creates a disconnect and diminishes user engagement. Integrating visually compelling elements is key to conveying information effectively.

8. No Dedicated Space for Workgroups

The absence of a dedicated workspace for workgroup collaboration leads to communication barriers and coordination challenges. Establishing a dedicated workspace would streamline collaboration, boost productivity, and foster community involvement.

9. Blog Usability

The current blog design lacks user-friendly features, hindering engagement and content consumption. Enhancing the blog’s layout, navigation, and multimedia integration is essential for creating an immersive and interactive blogging experience.

Addressing these challenges is paramount to optimizing user experience, fostering community growth, and ensuring the long-term success of the Jupiter DAO ecosystem.


  • Bringing Together Different Information: Curating information from various sources will be crucial. We address this problem by rigorous research and use of proper tools and reliable sources to simplify the information that would be understood by both regular users and newcomers.
  • Balancing Tech and User Needs: Striking a balance between the technical intricacies of the jupiter station and user needs for a simple and intuitive experience is crucial. User-centric design principles were rigorously applied to ensure the final solution effectively met user expectations without compromising technical functionality.
  • Scalability for Future Growth: We knew the platform would get bigger, so we will make sure that the solution could handle more users at any point in time. To address this, we design a system with future expansion in mind, incorporating modular components that could be easily adapted to accommodate increasing user demands.

Pages to be Developed

  1. Overall Station Blueprint, Planning, Brainstorm & UX Research (280 hrs)
  • Blueprint and Structure: Define the architectural framework, key components, and navigation flow.
  • Functionality Planning: Analyze required functionalities and define core features for integration.
  • Page Planning with Feature Details: Plan individual pages, hubs & spaces, specifying content, layout, and features.
  • User Experience Enhancement: Explore opportunities to enhance overall user experience, considering interactions, responsiveness, and accessibility.
  • Content Update Strategy: Develop a content strategy aligning with station goals.
  • Ecosystem Analysis: Research Jupiter ecosystem for insights and identify areas for innovation.
  • Risk Assessment: Identify potential risks and challenges, and develop mitigation strategies.
  1. Homepage Design and Development (250 hours)
  • Design & Develop User-friendly Home Interface: Aligned with JupiterDAO’s branding.
  • Ensure Responsive Layout: Seamless user experience across all devices.
  • Visual Harmony: Polished presentation on different screen sizes.
  • Precise Coding: Flawless and professional homepage.
  • Emphasize Critical Information: Using infographics, text, and design elements.
  • User Engagement Components: Aligned with Jupiter’s goals for user engagement.
  • Clear, Concise Content: Effectively convey ecosystem core message.
  • Speed Optimization: Fast, responsive site with no lags.
  • Thorough Testing and Iteration: Based on user feedback for improvements.
  • Explore and Integrate Features: Enhancing user interaction and information delivery.
  1. ‘Docs & Developer Hub’ Design and Development (280 hours)
  • User-friendly Developer Hub: Aligning with Jupiter’s branding for a cohesive identity.
  • Responsive Layout: Seamless experience on all devices, enhancing accessibility and usability.
  • Comprehensive Documentation: Populate with proper text and infographics catering to developers’ needs.
  • Intuitive Navigation: Quick access to essential developer information, promoting a positive user experience.
  • Markdown Usage: Efficient content creation and management for easy updates.
  1. Grant Hub (230 hours)
  • User-friendly Grant Hub Page: Aligned with Jupiter’s branding, offering a flawless experience across devices.
  • Overview of Different Grant Programs: Details and guidance on how to engage.
  • Dedicated Space for Each Grant Program: Proper pipeline to update/list grantees.
  • Enhanced Overview of Grant Programs: Better understanding for users.
  1. Community Hub (280 hours)
  • User-friendly Community Hub Page: Aligned with Jupiter’s branding, offering a flawless experience across devices.
  • Central Hub for Community Engagement: Explanation and details to get started and explore the Jupiter ecosystem.
  • Dedicated Space for Community Contributions: Showcase contributions related to educational resources, videos, etc.
  • Easy Listing via GitHub PRs in Markdown Format: Simplified content updates for community contributions.
  • Meeting Calendar Integration: Details about events/meets happening in the ecosystem.
  1. Work-Group Hub (220 hours)
  • User-friendly Work-Group Hub Page: Aligned with Jupiter’s branding, offering a flawless experience across devices.
  • Dedicated Space for Different Workgroups: Easy updating of meeting transcripts through Markdown.
  • Overview and Details about Workgroups: Easily upgradable by workgroup members through Markdown.
  1. Proposal Hub (90 hours)
  • User-friendly Proposal Hub Page: Aligned with Jupiter’s branding, offering a flawless experience across devices.
  • Details about Proposals for DAO Initiatives: Guidance on how to engage and post a proposal.
  • Ongoing Proposal Status Display: External sources and an overview, allowing filtering based on discussion phase.
  1. Blog Page (220 hours)
  • User-friendly Blog Page: Aligned with Jupiter’s branding, offering a flawless experience across devices.
  • Markdown Usage: Efficient content creation and management accessible to non-technical individuals.
  • Filtering System through Tags: Fast loading with no lags.
  • Migration of Current Blogs: In-house infrastructure for smooth transition.
  • Additional Features: Explore to enhance efficiency and functionality.
  1. Network Stats (180 hours)
  • User-friendly Network Stats Page: Aligned with Jupiter’s branding, offering a flawless experience across devices.
  • Display Treasury Details: Different DAO programs and foundations, verifiable through on-chain data.
  1. Ecosystem/Partner Page (180 hours)
  • User-friendly Ecosystem Page: Aligned with Jupiter’s branding, offering a flawless experience across devices.
  • Highlight Success Stories and Case Studies: Related to different projects in the Jupiter ecosystem.
  • Easy Pipeline for Partners to List Projects: Through PRs on GitHub in Markdown with minimal details.
  1. Branding & Press Page (120 hours)
  • User-friendly Branding & Press Page: Aligned with Jupiter’s branding, offering a flawless experience across devices.
  • Highlight Press Coverage: External source listings, easily updatable through Markdown.
  • Official Branding Resources Listing: For contributors to the ecosystem.
  1. Career Page (60 hours)
  • User-friendly Career Page: Aligned with Jupiter’s branding, offering a flawless experience across devices.
  • Information about Job Opportunities, Company Culture, and Application Processes.
  • Utilize Markdown/MDX: Streamlined editing, updating, and maintenance.
  1. Platform Guide & Future Proofing (70 hours)
  • Platform Guide: Outline architecture, setup, and deployment process.
  • Guides and Tutorials: How-to guides for contributors, covering Git workflows and Markdown formatting.
  • Collaboration and Improvement: Define collaborative workflows, scalability guidelines, and feedback mechanisms.
  1. Meeting and Sharing Updates, Rigorous Testing and Refinement (70 hours)
  • Regular Meeting with Community: Feedback over progress and updates.
  • Exhaustive Testing: Across various browsers, devices, and screen dimensions.
  • Addressing Inconsistencies and Glitches: Swift resolution for a flawless user experience.
  • Plan Functionalities as per DAO Demands.


Milestone 1 (Month 1)

  • Overall Station Blueprint, Planning, Brainstorm & UX Research
  • Homepage Design and Development

Milestone 2 (Month 2)

  • ‘Docs & Developer Hub’ Design and Development
  • Grant & Community Hub

Milestone 3: (Month 3)

  • Proposal Hub, Blog Page
  • Work-Group Hub
  • Career, Branding & Press Page

Milestone 4: (Month 4)

  • Network Stats & Partner Page
  • Platform Guide & Future Proofing: Outline architecture, setup, and deployment process; How-to guides for contributors; Define collaborative workflows and scalability guidelines.

Meeting and Sharing Updates, Rigorous Testing and Refinement (Continuous)

  • Regular Meeting with Community, Exhaustive Testing, Addressing Inconsistencies and Glitches, Plan Functionalities as per DAO Demands.

Budget Breakdown

Item Hours JUP/Hour Total JUP
Overall Station Blueprint 280 112 31360
Homepage Design and Development 250 112 28000
‘Docs & Developer Hub’ Design 280 112 31360
Grant & Proposal Hub 230 112 25760
Community Hub 280 112 31360
Work-Group Hub 220 112 24640
Proposal Hub 90 112 10080
Blog Page 220 112 24640
Network Stats 180 112 20160
Ecosystem/Partner Page 180 112 20160
Branding & Press Page 120 112 13440
Career Page 60 112 6720
Platform Guide & Future Proofing 70 112 7840
Meeting and Sharing Updates 70 112 7840
Total 298480

Investing 298,480 JUP in the future-proofing of Jupiter Station at an hourly rate of 112 JUP/hr (approx. 150 USD/hr) is a strategic investment for the DAO. It ensures a robust and scalable platform that can adapt to future needs, enhancing user experience, and promoting long-term growth and success for the JupiterDAO.

Future Goals

  • Propose to support and maintain the platform as a group.
  • Seek financial and awareness support through DAO proposals.
  • Ensure continuous updates and improvements to the platform.
  • Provide guidance to the community for showcasing their work under the Community Hub.
  • Nurture and grow the Jupiter station for long-term sustainability and success.

We hope to receive support and feedback on our proposal. We will also be available during the call on Discord on April 10th to address any questions. The platform will be fully open-source on GitHub, following a similar approach to the current Jupiter Station.

Tagging @meow & community-members to provide feedback on our extensively researched and strategic proposal.

Thank you.
Hooman Digital


As @meow mentioned during the call today, JUPDAO values the value creation. We’ve put together a well-researched proposal aimed at creating direct value for the ecosystem. Our proposal centers around revamping Jupiter Station into the ultimate future-proof platform as per the day-to-day needs of community & DAO. Please feel free to ask questions or share feedback on our proposal here.

tagging @meow @Slorg @kemosabe & others for visibility.

Thank you

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Would you be willing to set up a working group within the J.U.P., or do you intend to remain an entirely independent body?

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Very solid prop — we’re currently scoping something similar within the CWG with a few other catdets. Not to replace the Jupiter Station, but, rather compliment it w/ a DAO-owned site. If you can add me as a friend on discord (@KEMOS4BE) I’d love to have a chat.

I’ve been a designer/web dev for about 7 years, checked out your sites (the arbitrum community hub is a fantastic ref.)

We’re likely going to go with a Webflow build for the DAO site; simply because at this time it reduces the trust burden and doesn’t require a technical review from the team. Additionally, the responsibility of this site, post-initial build, is likely going to require its own Work Group (or CWG sub-group) of some sort for ongoing maintenance and content because I won’t have the capacity to do so w/ other CWG responsibilities.

But, lets chat more, hit me on discord.

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Thanks kemo for the feedback but i don’t think webflow is an right approach here specially if we are thinking in long term.

We have proposed a 100% open-source platform, where content creators won’t have to deal with tech, they just focus on creating content in markdown and push it to the repo. Everything remains transparent on GitHub.

Jupiter station have the same approach here: GitHub - jup-ag/space-station: Jupiter Station

Its just that its not being made in a way to meet the day-to-day requirements of dao.

Lastly in terms of trust: We will eventually be creating this platform from scratch, there is no need to touch station for now. Once our work is done, the dao can just migrate station domain to our work and its going to be 100% open source in a similar way the current station is.

Lastly, we are also ok with getting the asked funding in parts and we Guarantee what we have proposed here is a solid case of DAO and kind of work that DAO should support.

Thank you​:heart::pray:

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Hi, Chaman, that’s an excellent question. We’re planning to establish a ‘Station Working Group.’

After transforming Jupiter station into an ultimate platform per this proposal.

We will propose again to manage the platform within a monthly budget, while other community workgroups can contribute content and other resources.

Essentially, we’re constructing a robust platform that fulfills all essential requirements, allowing other community groups to focus on content creation while we handle the technical aspects of the platform.

Thank you

If DAO decides that Jupiter Station redesign is a crucial task and if DAO decides to outsource this task to a web development agency, there needs to be a proper RFP process at least, in which Hooman Digital can participate along with other candidates. Asking for 300,000 JUP for doing something no one has asked to do yet is not how it should work.

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Its a open process and we have proposed the solution after we found the problem that we think can be addressed. that’s what the forum is for and how the DAOs operate…

And its not just a redesign, proposal is carefully crafter and open for anyone to read.

If you think, you can do something better for the DAO then you can also propose that’s what the forum is for.

Thank you

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I won’t entertain these baseless attacks or claims. Everything is clearly outlined in the proposal.

Regarding your Internshala claims: those positions are for students in college seeking to learn and gain industry experience. They join with limited skills with little interest and learn side by side to the head team…

We have a team of experienced internal contractors and full-time staff, and we are focused on our work.


That is fine, Piyush/Mayank, I do not expect you to entertain anything. Those are not baseless claims, simply facts from open sources displaying that your company has nothing to show to justify its ask. An agency of your experience level would be lucky to get a $3k contract on a good day, so I guess you’re being greedy at least. Let alone the fact, that chances of you completing a sort of a project that you have zero experience with are pretty low. So yeah, it’s an open process and I am executing the right of warning other DAO members that you, at the very least, could be not entirely honest with the community about your background and expertise.