Enhancing the JUP Research Thread Page: Key Improvements

Navigating the JUP research thread page is a bit challenging due to its technical nature. Perhaps we could consider the bellow to make the site more user freindly? LMK your guys ideas in the comments too please.

1.The site could benefit from a more intuitive layout. Simplifying the navigation can make it easier for users to move around the site without feeling overwhelmed by technical complexities.
For example, the side bar should have a simple drop down bar with the most recents post, with less tags ect.

2.Moving the profile and settings options to the top right corner of the page would significantly enhance accessibility. This common placement aligns with user expectations and allows for quicker access to personal settings and account management.

  1. Enhancing Search Functionality: Making the process of finding posts clearer and more straightforward is essential. Implementing a more visible and user-friendly search bar, along with advanced filtering options, can help users locate specific threads and topics with ease. Sometimes i find myself digging through old post tryna find what i was looking for!

By implementing these improvements, the JUP research thread page can become more user-friendly, encouraging more engagement and productivity among its users.


I fully support this. Navigating jupresearch is perhaps the most confusing layout I’ve seen in a while. I don’t think the new, unread and latest filters are intuitive and the notifications are whacky to be honest.


Absolutely agree! I also think that when creating a new post, it lacks a little on the keywords you can use, because well, you can not make new ones and there are only so few. Would love to have more common keywords there to make search and navigation over all easier.


I agree the site takes a little getting used to. Perhaps an intro/welcome video on navigating the site and explaining how it’s laid out would help new users. The video could also explain how they can contribute to the site and any other important community details, e.g., the benefits of staking & voting, etc.


Jupresear.ch uses Discourse, a popular forums solution also used by Solana foundation (https://forum.solana.com/) amongst many others.

To make your proposal more concrete and actionable perhaps spend some time on their themes page and pick out examples that you think would be better for us with reasons why