Introducing Jupiter Working Groups

Jupiter Working Groups (JWGs) are independent groups of operators who will focus on growing the Jupiter community, enhancing the Solana ecosystem, and facilitating DAO coordination!

This is an experimental initiative and we are starting with proven community leaders from the broader ecosystem, who will set out to facilitate and elevate the community’s voices and needs while the team focuses on product and platform development.

All JWGs are to be funded by the Jupiter DAO. The first set of funding proposals and votes will take place in a couple of months after they have had ample opportunity to interact with the community and show their work.

After we build up learnings and a foundation from the first 2 groups, we will begin to accept applications from other groups from the community so that we incrementally build up diverse squads of working group cats with their respective areas of focus. As with many things in Jupiter, we will ship, iterate, and improve one step at a time – do let us know if you have any feedback or suggestions on how we can serve you better.


Let’s go!

But before that, what does “get funded” mean?

Is it like a small amount of funds per team to cover their living expenses or is this more like a “tip”?

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Great job
Continue to do the nice work and to bring us together I love this community


Way to go! innovate and dominate

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