Igniting Jupiter's Presence: Proposal for Explosive Growth


In today’s digital landscape, visibility is paramount for any project’s success. Recognizing this, I noir.sol, propose a comprehensive strategy to elevate Jupiter’s visibility across diverse social media platforms. Backed by a solid track record in both marketing and design, I have already grown my own social media brand, ‘‘Project Tenacious’’ gaining a thousand followers and views for its content in just 2 months

Current Landscape:
At present, Jupiter’s exposure primarily relies on conventional channels such as X and YouTube. While these platforms are valuable, they represent only a fraction of the digital ecosystem. To truly expand Jupiter’s reach and attract a broader audience, it’s imperative to diversify our marketing efforts and tap into the vast potential of platforms like Facebook/Reels, YouTube Shorts, and Instagram.
At present, Jupiter’s exposure primarily relies on conventional channels such as X and YouTube

Proposal Overview:
My proposal involves crafting spare content from space calls and leveraging it into short-form content to showcase Jupiter’s unique value proposition across multiple social media channels simultaneously. By utilizing my expertise in marketing, design, and social media management skills, I will assist with the team to develop compelling visuals, messaging tailored to each platform’s audience preferences, and content for luring new people/investors into our community. You don’t want to miss this potential lads

In conclusion, my proposal to enhance Jupiter’s visibility through a multi-platform short-form content strategy represents a significant opportunity for growth and expansion. With my expertise in marketing and design, coupled with a proven track record of driving success, I am confident that this initiative will give great results and propel Jupiter to new heights in the space, ggs.

thanks for reading!


btw i used ai for this, i suck at explaining part so I used a draft idea and let ai optimize and make it even more clear. this wont affect my performance.


Thanks for sharing @Noir.sol

As a fellow marketer (mainly B2B channels like Linkedin and G-Ads) I like your proposal and see the potential benefits.

However, from my experience it is always easier said than done to create engaging content that also fosters the true community spirit (in contrast to the cash-grabbers).

So, if I may ask, do you have specific content ideas in mind and if yes, why is tiktok (or more generally short form video content) the right channel/means of information to use?


I agree with the idea and i think you are on the right track wrt going beyond Youtube and Twitter.


Appreciate you my good sire!

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Im sure you’re already familiar with this method.
We call it repurposing, by that we could also use highlights of each planetary calls and as for the others those can be done through heavy brainstorming to come up with a monthly content calendar which discusses every importance of $JUP, this can be just purely vibes, how to’s, problem solving contents etc. sky is the limit ^^


Love the idea with highlights and vibes!

Do you know some handle of a member of the Uplink Working Group? I guess we should tag them so they can see this thread.

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Hey Noir. I like this idea, wondering if someone from the JUP team has reached out to you to implement this?


I think we should setup a little group to do this “pro-bono”.

I’m confident any valuable members producing consistent, accurate & engaging content would be recognized here on this board and by the Jupiter Working Group(s).

I’ve already done an X article for Planetary Call #5 but I’m still getting my feet-wet and plan to continue to ramp up output and quality of content.

However, I think it would be effective to have a system for making sure we hit all areas of potential education and to minimize duplicating the subject matter/platform of each other’s content.

That’s why its required to brainstorm first and formulate a content calendar every month. That’s how marketers like me track every contents being released each month ^^

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Hell yeah fren! We gonna take JUP to the masses this year & beyond!

Excited to work with you all on the endeavor!

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Appreciate the support my g

Between this & this proposal - Proposal for the Establishment of the Jupiter Social Expansion Work Group

I’m willing to be a guiding force for execution, scale, & strategy if these proposal are moved forward. I think things should be consolidated between the two proposals with highlights & reasoning for each channel’s audience with executables per channel. Either way, I’ve got way too much experience to boot & this will be easier done than said tbh

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Got any proven track record of every social media platform sky rocketing and how it did take?

Albeit relevant somewhat, there is almost no correlation between driving forward cross-platform growth behind the type of project this DAO is versus projects I’ve worked with in web2. They just exist in two different spectrums. The only real overlap being the psychology behind how consumers find interest in emerging products. Its easier done than said because I can pinpoint the " 0 → 1" & figure out what works quicker than explaining it. Timeline is going to vary for each platform because there is a nuanced audience for each, which is why the strategy for each will need to vary also.

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Thanks for sharing your thoughts fam I understand that different social media platforms have unique audiences, but I feel that managing growth here is drastically different from your past experiences.

You mentioned it’s easier done than said, but I think it’s essential that we have a clear plan that can act as a strong foundation and that can give unforgettable impressions to new users rather than relying on quick fixes. We need to understand each platform’s audience and tailor our approach accordingly. Let’s focus on creating a solid strategy that ensures success across the board. It’s about quality over speed.


Agreed, I believe we’re saying the same thing just in different ways… With the exception that I’m exception that I’l continue to stand by in saying that I believe its easier done than said, which doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll be done quickly. You guys seem to know what you’re doing, I’ll let you handle it :raised_hands:


Yeah it sounded like AI
That doesn’t reflect poorly on your competence though.

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Ad/Marketing is often conducted using a multi-channel approach.
I agree to absolutely develop social channels across all platforms.

Additionally, it would be prudent of the key members here to explore ad-placement services targeting crypto-centric websites. A cost-benefit feasibility study should be conducted. An example of a website discussing such service providers is linked below:

Top 10+ Crypto and Bitcoin Ad Networks in 2024 for Project Growth.

For certain demographics, social media may not be the best avenue if they aren’t seeking out crypto news or products. For these cases, old-school banner ads on a website may serve to reach a different category of consumers, therefore, I’d explore both avenues in an ideal world.


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