LFG Launchpad: Adrastea Finance, DeFi Strategies


From Inspiration to Innovation: Our Story, Achievements & Future Vision

The name “Adrastea” is inspired by one of the moons that orbits the planet Jupiter. By choosing this name, we aim to symbolize and honor the Jupiter platform by building DeFi products on top of it.

In 2022/23, BM, CEO of Adrastea, was deeply captivated by the innovation and diversity within the GMX ecosystem, which lead him to research and invest in multiple projects.

After attending the Solana Breakpoint event last summer, BM was particularly struck by the announcement of Jupiter Perps. Following the presentation, BM connected with the Jupiter team and met Siong in person to discuss the vision for JLP and Adrastea. Fueled by this encounter, BM swiftly assembled a talented team and drafted the first version of the Litepaper which later on was able to secure Adrastea’s pre-seed funding round.

Here is a short timeline of our achievements thus far:

1st Stage - [November - December]:

Secured $230,000 on the pre-seed round from some of the best communities on Solana: YoggDAO, midcurve, MonkeVentures, TheChimpions, DeadKingSociety and TheHollowsDAO.

2nd Stage - [January]

Building the first strategy on Jupiter: The first real yield vault strategies involving $JLP & $USDC

3rd Stage - [February]

Community Building, Internal Testing, and Audit Preparation: We’re expanding our community while carrying out internal product testing with our development team. Our growth has been impressively rapid, amassing over 5,000 organic Twitter followers. On the development side, we’re refining our code for an audit and gearing up for the beta launch.

Upcoming stages:

4th Stage - [March]

Incentivized beta and audit: Adrastea plans to launch its incentivized beta, introducing our first JLP leverage strategy. Following the beta audit, we’ll open our doors to more users and transition to the public stage.

5th Stage - [April]

Public Sale and TGE: After March, Adrastea plans to introduce its token, $ADRA. The token will be used as a governance tool, allowing the DAO to vote on additional utilities.

6th Stage - [May]

Rewards Mission: We plan to kick off liquidity bootstrapping events and enhance the total value locked, aiming to attract more liquidity providers.

7th Stage - [June - August]

Adrastea summer: Our strategy involves rapidly expanding our market share during the summer when most people will be touching grass. Furthermore, we will start developing new strategies for launch in the Autumn.

8th Stage - [September - January]

New strategies and partnerships: Following the launch of Adrastea and its $adrJLP, $adrUSDC vaults, we plan to integrate new protocols and strategies within the Solana ecosystem.

Adrastea in 5 sentences

  1. Adrastea Finance stands proudly as a pioneering force within the Jupiter ecosystem, dedicated to crafting sophisticated yield strategies and ensuring accessibility for all (not just the crypto experts).

  2. We’re starting strong by focusing on building high-performance strategies tailored for Jupiter and other decentralized exchanges (DEXs) that rely on oracles, all within the Solana ecosystem.

  3. Aiming to enhance yield potential for users navigating high volatility periods by crafting unique stable-coin strategies with high annual percentage yields (APYs).

  4. Our concrete roadmap prioritizes innovation in DeFi, offering diverse risk options to cater to various user preferences.

  5. Coming with a killing background, we have a well-rooted and respected Solana OG team backed by unwavering support from esteemed Solana communities across the board ready to see us win again.

Meet the minds behind Adrastea

BM - CEO / Adrastea Founder (https://twitter.com/BusinessMngr)

Meet BM, the visionary founder of Pawnshop Gnomies, who pioneered Solana’s first decentralized NFT lending platform back in 2021. His groundbreaking work led to a merge between Frakt and Banx in 2022, setting a remarkable change in the NFT space. With a keen eye for emerging trends, BM actively researched and invested in L2 Arbitrum and the GMX - GLP ecosystem in 2023. This strategic foresight laid the foundation for Adrastea’s core strategy.

Ex Barclays - Financial background

Threefigs - CMO / Adrastea Co-Founder (Discord ID: threefigs)

Introducing Threefigs, a former core member of Pawnshop Gnomies, is a full-time crypto enjoyoor, an angel investor, and a DeFi maximalist. He’s passionate about empowering the community to navigate the most yielding strategies, building the future of DeFi, and educating the community along the way. His experience in marketing at giants like Coca-Cola and Unilever ensures Adrastea’s message reaches the right audience, loud and clear.

Ex Coca Cola / Unilever - Marketing background

Petar - BD Lead (https://twitter.com/PetarNFT)

Say hello to Petar, Adrastea’s BD lead and a true crypto veteran. Since 2016, Petar has been immersed in the crypto ecosystem and brings a wealth of experience as an advisor, investor, and professional poker player strategist, making his transition to full-time Web3 in 2020. With his passion for real yield projects, he leads the charge in management expertise with a background in the aviation industry that will help conduct the mission to fly us to Adrastea

Ex Aviation - Management background

Null - CTO / Co-Founder (Discord ID: null_undefined_0)

A seasoned Web2 developer with +10 years of diverse experience ranging from IoT to FinTech, Null is the tech powerhouse behind Adrastea. He entered the crypto space in 2017 and transitioned into Web3 development in 2021. His proven track record of building and leading development teams across various blockchains such as Solana, Near, EVM (Ethereum and Polygon) ensures Adrastea’s technology is built to last.

Ex Uber - Software Engineer background

How Adrastea Integrates with Jupiter & Solana

Adrastea wasn’t just built on Solana, it was built on Solana with Jupiter in mind. Our core product is designed to integrate seamlessly with Jupiter’s JLP protocol, offering an efficient yield generation product for the Solana community.

Beyond the product itself, Adrastea aims to establish a comprehensive ecosystem built around JLP, providing new opportunities for users while simultaneously increasing brand awareness for both Jupiter and Adrastea.

Our approach is guided by three core principles:

  1. Empowerment - Providing more efficient ways for yield generation on JLP.
  1. Diversity - Fostering a spectrum of risk products to serve to the needs of liquidity providers on Jupiter.
  1. Innovation - Pioneering the creation of a robust ecosystem and market around JLP.

In addition, Adrastea is also committed to educating the Solana community to make use of DeFi products and making them more digestible (easy to understand) to the masses. Here is a brief example of the different content that are already in the pipeline:

DeFi Industry Weekly Updates - gumshoe

DeFi 101 University + Spaces - 0xBeni

Weekly DeFi Industry News and Discussion

Additionally, our confidence in JLP and the Jupiter product suite is reflected in our commitment to building on-top of it.

Joining Forces: Our Valued Partners & Supporters

Our early supporters that participated on the Seed-Round:

How We Empower Jupiter Users, DAOs & Holders

From the Adrastea perspective, we believe this is a symbiotic relationship (win-win) between us and Jupiter users, DAO, holders as explained under:

  • For Jupiter Users:
    We’ll offer a diverse range of products built on JLP, allowing you to tailor your investment strategies, maximize your returns, manage risk effectively, and create an opportunity for a new market on top of JLP.
  • For the JUP DAO and Holders:
    Our protocol will act as a growth engine and significantly supercharge its AUM (assets under management). This translates to deeper liquidity pools and more efficient trading for all. As AUM grows, so do fees generated by the Jupiter ecosystem. This benefits all JUP holders by contributing to the sustainability and growth of the platform.

TGE Details

Ticker: $ADRA
Total Supply: 100,000,000 (100m) $ADRA
TGE Date: End of April 2024

How will Adrastea Disrupt the Web3 Space?

Imagine a landscape where complex DeFi strategies are no longer a barrier to entry. That’s the future Adrastea is building. As part of our mission, we aim to democratize DeFi by deconstructing complex yield-generating strategies and making them simple, accessible, and user-friendly for everyone. This means no more complex UIs (user interfaces) and no more complex buttons to deploy a strategy; just click of a button and it’s done!

As a result, we want to tap into wider audiences and help ‘grow the pie’ together, attracting those who were previously turned off due to DeFi’s complexity. This fuels the growth of the entire ecosystem, thereby increasing the overall Total Value Locked (TVL) for both Adrastea and Jupiter.

Furthermore, we believe capital efficiency is critical for this industry. We aim to revolutionize that. We want our users to squeeze as much value as possible out of their capital by making their money a multi-tasker!

Overcoming Obstacles in the Development of Adrastea

Solana’s DeFi landscape: Early days

One of our primary challenges lies in educating the SOL community about effective strategies within the DeFi ecosystem, empowering them to integrate capital efficiency into their investment approach seamlessly. To break through this barrier, we’ve created a strong social media and community plan with experienced hosts who will guide everyone towards understanding and using DeFi.

Pioneering new strategies:

Another challenge we confront involves the ever-evolving market dynamics. Our team is great at staying ahead of the curve. We were early adopters of NFT loans, pioneering their use before widespread adoption, and are currently at the forefront of introducing DeFi LP strategies on JLP. We seek to find new ideas and always plan for the future.

Launching Your Web3 Token the Right Way

Assuming you have a strong dev team, we believe the most important part is to build a healthy community. It’s the foundation of any web3 project. It might seem to be rocket science at first, but with the right team you can easily crack the code.

As for the token part itself, it’s important that you have great tokenomics to provide a healthier, long-term vision for the project. Think of your token price action as your reputation and the pulse of the project. Don’t let it sink and work towards making everyone happy.

Mitigating Risks for Token’s Success

There is no definitive answer to that question as the market is constantly changing and covering inefficiency. Even if someone could possibly find an answer, it would be arbitraged the next day:

(Inspired by @therobotjames on Twitter)

The world of crypto is full of different types of tokens, like governance tokens, utility tokens, and even meme tokens. Some may outperform others, but there’s one key factor that truly matters: the value your project brings to the ecosystem.

Think of it like this: if your project solves a real problem or makes things easier for people, the market will naturally be drawn to it. But if you don’t offer any valuable contribution, people will quickly lose interest. It’s a straightforward principle.

Here are some essential principles to remember when embarking on your journey:

  1. Fair token distribution — Think of this as sharing the pie fairly. We believe everyone should have equal rights when it comes to tokens. This can be achieved through a balanced approach, taking into account factors like price and vesting schedules. Luckily, we have top advisors and early investors who guide us in making well-informed decisions about our token distribution model.
  2. Community and product matter - Don’t launch a token unless you have a supportive community and a functional product. Remember, you need people who believe in your team and your vision to create a thriving project. Otherwise, your project could struggle to attract interest. We’re fortunate enough to have a growing organic community of 5,000 followers on Twitter and Discord. We’ll even be conducting a beta test before the official launch, and you’re welcome to join!
  3. Avoid bots - Choose a launchpad that protects your buyers from bots and mitigates that excessive overload that bots usually creates out of the way, like LFG does! While we can’t reveal all our plans, one of the reasons we decided to launch on Jupiter Launchpad is because the team is cooking something (wink wink).
  4. 24/7 Support - Stay connected with your community 24/7 and answer all their questions, including those about the roadmap, token distribution, and the project itself. Lack of communication can lead to speculation and uncertainty. To address this, our globally distributed team ensures we’re always online. We have an exceptional team of moderators who are part of the core team, fully informed, DeFi-savvy, and have been with Adrastea since the beginning.


The points discussed above showcase our operational approach within the DeFi space. These elements are interconnected, for instance, a fair token distribution requires a strong community to distribute tokens to, otherwise it wouldn’t work. At Adrastea, we prioritize each of these aspects because we believe they are fundamental to a successful and equitable launch and the more of these parameters we get right, the better our odds of success.


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TBA - next week


Always been supportive and long term bullish on builders. Especially with the likes of Jupiter, cultivating the Solana ecosystem with its innovation.

Now, Adastrea pioneering continuous development on top of Jupiter’s ecosystem is something to look forward to. Especially, introducing strategic DeFi into Solana communities in a understandable and accessible manner.

Breaking complexity and incentivizing more users.


Love the vision for Adrastea’s journey with the Jupiter ecosystem! I have two main questions:

It’s nice to see you recognise the importance of demystifying DeFi to wider Solana community, will there be opportunities for the community & early supporters to help with this?

Also, how do you plan to keep the excitement going even after the initial buzz wears off?



What will the dao be able to vote on when participating in governance, and will there be some sort of lockup or staking for $adra tokens?


appreciate the reply good ser!

“Interestingly, Solana is one of the only major ecosystems without an integration” - shocking to say the least, you’d say it’s a no brainer with how much on-chain actviity SOL has.

no further questions LFG!


Let’s go guys !

With TGE planned in April, how do you make sure you’re fully prepared in terms of marketing ot tech ?


Great choice on the launchpad to avoid bots! What were your initial plans if LFG launchpad didn’t exist?


I like the idea to leverage farm JLP - JUP team please consider this thank you


Bullish on $JLP? Us too. $adrJLP will be used with a new and proprietary defi strategy that will allow to create yields from your bag of perps.

This platform being built out around that with unique defi strategies and will need the help of the community to take it in the right direction. Using $ADRA, we will be empowering the DAO to vote on utilities moving forward.

Site Beta is on the way and I think this is the perfect time to start DYOR process and find out about why an OG team building out this platform is great for Solana DeFi.



Really looking forward to this possible TGE for Adrastea Finance with the LFG Launchpad! :slight_smile:

Will there be the option to stake $ADRA tokens soon after TGE?


Thank you juperfan :ringer_planet:

ADRA is a governance token. Following the TGE, we will create a DAO to handle governance. The DAO will be empowered to propose and vote on critical protocol components, including team composition, protocol funds, maths, development aspects, vision, and community-related matters.

The token will play a pivotal role in implementing new strategies and incentives after the TGE.


Hi Max, thank you for your question.

We have a well-defined marketing plan scheduled for each week. Our timeline is filled with upcoming events and exciting announcements. In terms of technology, our main focus is to launch the beta before the TGE, which will complement our marketing campaign effectively.

Make sure to follow our beta launch :technologist:


More use cases of JLP.

More value for the Jupiter ecosystem


Thank you for your question!

In addition to the protocol, we are committed to educating the Solana community and simplifying the complexity of DeFi.

Starting next week, we will launch the DeFi 101 Spaces + Community educational program. Our first session will cover: Introduction to DeFi.

During the Twitter Spaces event, our panelists will discuss:

  • What DeFi is and the problems it addresses compared to traditional institutions
  • The history of DeFi on ETH
  • The history of DeFi on SOL
  • Open discussion

On Discord, we will share written materials and kick off our DeFi university (including tests, roles, and a graduation upon completing the full DeFi 101 course).

Please join our Twitter Spaces next week and engage with the new DeFi channels on Discord.

Let’s be supportive and share knowledge with DeFi beginners, and we will recognize and reward this effort.

We are not focused on the buzz; we are building DeFi strategies.
Our core focus is being innovative and user-friendly, which in turn will drive our TVL up. Nevertheless, our team covers multiple directions, ranging from marketing to new strategies, so we are ready to keep our community excited.


Good to have all info about your project in one place. When can we expect tokenomics details?

GL on voting


Looks very interesting and i have some questions.
Could you provide more details on the high-performance strategies being developed for Jupiter and other decentralized exchanges within the Solana ecosystem?


Really interesting! What would be the main advantage of using Adrastea over similar options, such as the JLP market launched by Kamino Finance a few days ago?


I think it will be in April


Wow, really looking forward to this 101 course! I think these sessions will be super helpful for a lot of the first cyclers and traders that are newer to yield looping strategies to get an in-depth snapshot of the defi landscape that came before the innovation of both JUP and ADRA. Good looks BM and co!

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Thank you for the great question!

We are developing automated strategies that are user-friendly and managed by the protocol.

The first strategy, which enables leverage for JLP, utilizes smart leverage that adjusts based on the utilization of pools (adrJLP and adrUSDC) and JLP volatility. Our adrUSDC pool also ensures principle protection.

Kamino allows users to manually create and monitor their strategies, while Adrastea simplifies the process for users by offering pre-built, tested, and optimized strategies to maximize yield from JLP leverage.

For more information, please visit: JLP Yield and adrUSDC Yield Balance - GRID

Our commitment lies in providing easily accessible strategies.