Jup Crypto Asset fundamentals

Hello, friends.

I am organizing a working group with the goal of promoting and benefiting public opinion about the Jupyter project (jup.ag). Our purpose is to better understand the fundamentals of the project and gather concrete arguments that can increase confidence in Jupyter’s future.

We would like to request the community’s help in obtaining detailed information on the following points:

  1. Project Fundamentals:

    • What are the main objectives and goals of the Jupyter project?
    • Who are the main developers and contributors involved?
    • What are the key technologies and innovations that Jupyter utilizes?
    • Is there a roadmap or strategic plan available for public consultation?
  2. Concrete Arguments to Increase Confidence:

    • What are the most significant achievements of the project so far?
    • Are there any use cases or success stories that highlight the effectiveness and importance of Jupyter?
    • What are Jupyter’s differentiators compared to similar projects?
    • Are there any important partnerships or collaborations that demonstrate support and confidence in the project?

We believe that gathering this information will be crucial for strengthening our communication and increasing adherence to the project. Any documents, links, or references that can help us will be extremely valuable.

We appreciate in advance everyone who can contribute with information and insights. Together, we can promote a deeper and more positive understanding of the Jupyter project.


I dont want to seem too cynical, but public opinion is kinda reflected in the price of jup.

Tough timing for this. We’re about to airdrop into a weak market. Not much you can say to those who put there money here looking forward to a payday that’s been deferred. But i guess not speaking to this might seem a little ham handed. If you avoid directly talking about money then youre gas lighting; if you talk about it too directly it feels like a schill.

I think jup is kind of like a country that everyone dreams of moving to because its rumored to have streets of gold. Its not true once you get there, but its ok cuz you find wealth in the life somehow. You want the place to be fair, safe, and friendly. And still, you need to know that there’s opportunity there and a chance to improve your life, claim something for yourself. It doesnt always work out but you need to know that it can. Jupiter is where everyone will immigrate once they need more and other places seem already claimed and squeezed of their value by the previous tenants. Jupiter is where you go if you you need to renegotiate your contract with the world or just find a newer more energetic one. Ill meet u there.


I don’t quite understand what this group will look like, it will be something like support, where you will answer people’s questions?. On which platform will it all take place? How do you want to organize it with the jup team?
Too many questions, it would be better if you provided a more detailed plan.

P.S. Jupiter writes with letter " I "

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