J.U.P: An Experiment In Distributed Strategic Execution


J.U.P is our vision for how we can build a unique, highly productive, dynamic and synergistic community to move Jupiter and crypto forward.


First Phase Of Jup: Product Focused Project

For the first phase of Jupiter, we were mainly a product focused project, which means the bulk of the interactions and focus was between the users of the platform as well as the team.

This interaction was anchored by the http://Jup.ag promise of “best price, best selection, best ux”, as well as a relentless best in class commitment to user support and feedback. This includes users of our developer tools, which we spent insane amounts of time making sure works as well as possible.

That extremely synergistic relationship and trust between the team and users, built up over a number of years, was the foundation for all the progress we made towards becoming the one of the, if not the best product in defi.

Current Phase: Full Stack Ecosystem Push

We are currently pushing to transform from a single-product play to a full-stack ecosystem play with the strategic vision of accelerating the decentralized meta.

Besides the launchpad, we intend to execute on a full range of ecosystem efforts, and this efforts will need distributed networks of talented people working in parallel with very different skillsets, agendas driven under a common goal.

What is J.U.P

Over the past few years, i have observed certain important dynamics about how things work - small talented groups of individuals can get a ton done but lack legitimacy and funds, the community provides immense energy and vibez but has major adhd issues, DAO confer legitimacy but needs a lot of execution support and supporting structures.

J.U.P is our attempt to manifest a holistic community that blends the best of all these into a synergistic effort to grow Jupiter and the meta forward.

As such, J.U.P has 5 key components with the following aspirations:

1. Users: Reason For Our Existence

Our dear users are the ones who relentlessly supported Jupiter through endless product reiterations and feedback, culminating in the world class product suite you see today. We would like to 10x the userbase while maintaining the same type of synergy and commitment to best in class customer service you see today.

2. Team: Hard working mfers

Builders of the Jupiter platform. We work very hard and will continue to work hard. Hehe.

3. Working Groups: Execution Engines for J.U.P

Consisting of small groups led by key ecosystem members that lead extremely important work areas like community management, core processes, ecosystem rituals. Currently we have 2 groups, the Core and Uplink WGs - and the community can definitely attest to how much energy and work they have already done across crucial LFG processes, regular calls, ecosystem token lists, and communicating Jupiter and its objectives.

Importantly, work groups will collaborate closely with the team, and be funded by the DAO. This dynamic ensures that the workgroups are both extremely productive AND accountable to the community.


4. Catdets: Heart of J.U.P.

Catdets are community members who understand and embrace the long term vision of advancing the decentralized meta while keeping to key community ethos of being helpful, friendly and supportive, whether it is to fellow members newcomers and projects.

Special shout-out to the cats of culture, who are instrumental in promoting Catdets and being the best possible examples i have ever seen of great community leadership! https://x.com/JupiterExchange/status/1764228366331502884?s=20

5. DAO

This will be formed the coming week, and i cannot be more excited. I truly believe we have the potential to build the most unbiased, dynamic, proactive, widely distributed DAO in the whole of crypto with the most fun and awesome mandate. Let’s see if we make it. :wink:


J.U.P: An experiment in distributed execution of strategy

Ultimately, like everything Jupiter does, J.U.P is another massive experiment on constructing a community. J.U.P emphasizes on the potential and capabilities of each of the 5 components, and aims to leverage them together synergistically.

We are extremely early in this experiment, and we hope you will be part of the process in forming a holistic and strong community to drive Jupiter and the meta forward!

And last but not least, a hugeeeeeee thanks to everyone who is in J.U.P. If you are reading this, there is an pretty good chance you are in one of these categories so much love for being part of this experiment.


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I’d suggest the cats given an audience. What i mean here is to give shout out to small account both X if they keep uploading content that aligns with the ethos and culture of J.U.P that way we build more audience out of sincere cats willing to push the culture forward.

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