Our Aspirations For The JUP DAO

We want the Jupiter DAO to become the best DAO in crypto - meaning we have the most proactive and dynamic voter base, strongest ability to execute on stated plans, and importantly, able to coordinate to drive important long term directions like bringing millions more into Jupiter and into the meta.

Just like how our journey to build the best product in crypto took many years, building the best DAO will be a multi-year journey as well, and one that we are super excited to embark on with everyone.

In fact, it is arguably going to be even more challenging than the build up of the Jupiter products, since building a DAO and the other structures (see J.U.P Planet) is one that needs up to hundreds of thousands of people to come together and operate in sync.

Unique Amongst All DAOs

Jupiter DAO is starting with a unique set of foundational qualities unseen in any other DAO.

  • No insider voting blocs
  • Significant value and high liquidity
  • Highly distributed, retail heavy token holder base
  • Most used decentralized trading platform in crypto (means lots ot attention can be given to votes)
  • Massive effort is given to the voting process via WGs
  • Dynamic, forward-looking voter base who wants to expand, not shrink

This foundation allows the DAO to take on a dramatically different scope compared to all the other DAOs.

Expansive Mandate

Given the role that Jupiter plays in the ecosystem, the overall growth of the decentralized ecosystem will naturally be of tremendous assistance to Jupiter as well. Therefore, the mandate of the DAO is not narrowly limited to Jupiter, but rather broadly focused on growing the ecosystem as well via Jupiter community and platform.

Even in the first year, starting with LFG - we will see the DAO participate in a number of voting activities that will be broadly beneficial to the ecosystem, and with the advent of grants, we would like to see more ways for the ecosystem to find ideas that are leverage Jupiter to push the meta forward.

Strong Operational Funding

The DAO will be well capitalized with at least $8M in USDC and 100M in JUP for the first 2 years of funding for the purposes of workgroup budgets and grants. The USDC will serve as an operational budget while the JUP serves as incentives and long term alignment.

This budget allows J.U.P to attract networks of the very best community talent who can execute on initiatives and ideas that grow the value of Jupiter far more than any single organization can. The team will look into different mechanisms, including DLMM fees from the launchpad to make sure the DAO is funded sustainably over time.


Starting with the JUP launchpad fees from the JUP launch, we want to get JUP into the hands of those who are the most actively involved and participate actively in the Jupiter ecosystem as voters.

As a result, we developed a mechanism called ASR (Active Staking Rewards), which does not reward passive staking, but rather stakers have to actively participate, and most importantly, engage.

If the first 6 months are successful, we will replenish the ASR rewards every 6 months on an ongoing basis as part of the JUP FOR JUP - getting JUP into the hands of those actively engaged, especially in this early part of the Jupiter. Jupiter is a decades long endeavor - and having the early stakeholders are soooooo important as foundation.

Part of J.U.P

End of the day, the DAO is but one part, albeit a crucial part of a well-functioning community ecosystem. If the JUP DAO becomes the best DAO, it is because it lives within the best community of catdets, users, work groups.


Therefore, it is crucial that the DAO never resorts to short termed narrow thinking mindsets. Instead, we will actively grow the J.U.P community, stock it with the absolute best talent we can find, and courageously bring millions more into the Jupiter family, and into the meta. Besides, what else are we here for? :wink:



Thanks so much for the effort you and the team put in. I love the idea of rewarding people for being active and participating in the growth of the community. I’m really excited for the next couple years to see what this turns into. JUP DAO WAGMI


Thanks for the article. When are you going to publish more information about the Active Staking Rewards? I think it would be interesting for stakers to know the specs of how they will be rewarded after each vote. So far I’ve only seen some research papers / discussions.

A dashboard for that would be really cool! Something where you can input the amount of staked JUP and it will calculate your rewards based on voting power and based on total amount of JUP staked.


The thing here is that unlike other dashboards, we don’t know how many votes will be conducted. Therefore, it’s quite impossible to know how much you will get. Might be possible to do some extrapolation tho



Are there plans to add more activities besides voting to ASR? It would be great to have more ways to distinguish active community members. :smirk_cat: :cat:

I am not sure what it could be, but there seem to be so many possibilities to make the game more immersive.

If voting is one move that a player can make in the jupiter game, what are the other possible moves?

The game should feel fun and at the same time benefit the ecosystem.

Or maybe voting as a fundamental activity is enough. Adding too many things might make things too complicated.

Would be glad to hear more thoughts on this topic. :cat: :+1:


Thanks for your reply. Yeah that’s true but it would be possible to include an “estimate calculator” for the user experience based on a couple of variables: total rewards which will be distributed (this is fixed per round), user voting power (user knows), estimated total amount of votes in the voting round. Could be just a couple of sliders to move around and to find out what’s possible.

I think it could be nice for marketing too. Easy way to illustrate the worth / power of voting.


Fantastic vision for Jupiter DAO! Strong focus on engaging voters, executing plans, driving long-term growth. Unique foundations, robust funding, innovative staking rewards foster inclusivity talent attraction. Best of luck on this exciting journey!


As usual an awesome article.

The vision is great. And also that you mention it will took years. We will grow together.

Thanks for your leadership

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Good question, I am also looking forward to contributing in more ways than just voting. Listening/watching the planetary calls and townhalls are nice, but how can we contribute back in simple everyday ways? How can the DAO become more of an operating organism?


Thank you! As someone whos new to a lot of this could you let us know where the best place to engage is? There doesn’t seem to be much chance to engage when voting it seems.

during the vote, probably not as important to show. But after the vote closes, that would be really helpful for people to see how the rewards measure up.

Theres another thread on this also > How do I track my staked JUP? - #12 by confal


Much thanks! It’s a very exciting time as I see the JUP network expand along with Solana!

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Thank you, I was wondering about this answer


I am in the camp that no dashboard and less focus on the rewards is actually better. The primary focus of the DAO and voting should not be to “gain rewards”, but rewards exist to make the process sweeter for everyone.


Yeh, actually I’m in agreement on this. I don’t really like people doing things mostly for rewards, whether it’s using the product or voting


For that reason I think we should keep it unknown what the rewards will be. No calculator or whatever. So that people have the right intentions for the community. I would be happy if we only got the rewards once a year in Jupuary. But every 3 months may work better for the community.


Yeh, 3 months sounds about right. 1 year is for the big one. :nerd_face::nerd_face:


Let us all make Jupiter DAO the best in crypto!
It’s not just about getting people involved now but also about achieving long-term goals and growing the community. Imo funding and rewards, like ASR, will help attract talent and keep stakeholders engaged.


There is another thread with folks asking for more clarity on the voting dashboard as well. How do I track my staked JUP? - #15 by Nectarphine

To highlight most of the points I have seen in this conversation around a more transparent dashboard at the per vote level here they are:


  1. Transparency - JUP already #1 transparent DAO, why stop now?
  2. Manageable dev requirements - not new tech, pretty simple calculations and a display
  3. Marginal motivation - I believe more transparency around the voting will have a net positive effect on motivating DAO participation


  1. Focus on the $$ reward could promote the wrong motivations long-term
  2. Additional dev work, whatever the size of the feature, its additional work.

Perhaps a DAO vote would be beneficial to understand the communities needs at this point in time ?


I want to point out the issue of Candidates giving out extra incentives for voting for them ;
The move of making the rewards equal whoever you vote to is obviously a great one and sadly gets voided by the projects offering extra rewards if you vote for them.

Sadly web3 users will automatically vote for the project with most rewards , Such practices should discouraged and penalized.