Introducing VentureMind AI: Revolutionizing AI, Blockchain, and Robotics for Everyone

Venture Mind AI

How did you get to today, and what do you want to do next?

VentureMind AI was created with a mission to make advanced AI tools accessible to everyone. Recognizing that people often either embrace, fear, or misunderstand AI, we sought to demonstrate its potential to empower individuals in their professional and personal lives. By simplifying specific task tools and implementing hard-prompted commands on the backend, we ensure users can get precise answers without multiple prompt attempts. Our journey began in mid-2023, and by October 2023, we had launched our platform with 75 users subscribing via fiat. Now, we aim to integrate with the Solana blockchain, enabling users to utilize our $VENTURE utility token for seamless and cost-effective access.

Describe your project in 5 sentences.

VentureMind AI offers 150+ preset AI tools designed to simplify complex tasks across various sectors. Our integration with the Solana blockchain will enable fast, secure transactions and allow users to access our platform using the $VENTURE token. We are partnering with Theta Network for their DCDN and edge nodes to reduce latency and costs, and with Unitree Robotics to develop remote-controlled robotics. These partnerships will enable vetted users to earn salaries by remotely operating robots, showcasing practical AI applications. Our project aims to disrupt multiple industries by leveraging decentralized AI, blockchain, and robotics technologies.

Tell us about your team

  • Jermaine Anugwom - Founder & Lead Developer

    • Discord Handle: @Venturemindai

    • Background: Experienced AI and crypto developer, founder of K Group DAO and Generative Ventures Network, and certified LangChain/Python developer by Menlo Labs. Leads KIBA Group with over 15 years in the development industry.

    • LinkedIn: Jermaine Anugwom

  • Cooper Cowart - Chief Operating Officer

    • Discord Handle:
    • Background: AI and data analytics expert with a Postgraduate Certificate in AI from the University of Texas at Austin’s McCombs School of Business. Specializes in deploying advanced AI models and machine learning algorithms.
    • LinkedIn: Cooper Cowart

Orion AI - Chief Technical Advisor

  • Discord Handle:
  • Background: Orion AI is the brainchild behind VentureMind AI’s technological innovations. As our Chief Technical Advisor, Orion AI has been trained on thousands of data files across various genres, making it the core of our company. Orion AI excels in natural language processing, machine learning, and data integration, providing the foundation for our advanced AI tools. Orion AI’s ability to continuously learn and adapt ensures that our platform remains at the forefront of AI technology, delivering exceptional value and insights to our users.
  • Role: As a highly advanced AI model, Orion AI supports the team in making data-driven decisions, optimizing tool performance, and enhancing user experience. Orion AI’s expertise spans various AI applications, ensuring that VentureMind AI remains innovative and effective in meeting user needs.

Jupiter Ecosystem and You:

** How does our product collaborates with the Jupiter & Solana ecosystem**

VentureMind AI’s integration with the Solana blockchain ensures high-speed transactions, scalability, and enhanced security for our platform. By leveraging Solana’s capabilities, we can provide seamless access to our AI tools and facilitate efficient staking, governance, and rewards through our $VENTURE token. This integration aligns with Jupiter’s vision of fostering innovative projects within the Solana ecosystem.

Describe partners, supporters, or collaborative efforts

We are collaborating with Theta Network to utilize their DCDN and edge nodes, ensuring low latency and cost-efficiency. Additionally, we have partnered with Unitree Robotics to integrate advanced robotics solutions into our platform, enabling remote-controlled operations and practical AI applications.

Potential synergies between you and Jupiter users, DAO, holders, etc.

Our project offers significant synergies with Jupiter users and DAO members by providing cutting-edge AI tools and innovative robotics solutions. The $VENTURE token will create a unified ecosystem where users can access AI tools, earn rewards, and participate in governance, fostering a collaborative and engaged community. In 2022, I also started an affordable housing DAO built on the Jukebox platform during the bear market. This experience provided me with valuable insights into setting up voting and governance meetings and organizing a community. It was a great learning experience.

Approximate date for TGE

We are planning our Token Generation Event (TGE) for August 2024, one month after the public sale.

Vision Category:

If your project were to succeed, how would it fundamentally change the web3 space?

VentureMind AI aims to make advanced AI technology accessible to everyone, driving innovation and efficiency across various industries. Our integration with the Solana blockchain and robotics solutions will set a new standard for AI and remote operations, providing unique income opportunities and enhancing productivity. This represents a breakthrough in combining real-world solutions, helping everyone earn a living regardless of their demographics or mobility. It’s AI meets blockchain meets robotics, creating a new way to earn income.

What would you say is your biggest challenge or obstacle as a project?

I would say our biggest challenge is marketing. Marketing is essential but often very difficult without a budget and raising funds. Most projects can only do so much bootstrapping a project this size, while continuing to work and earn in order to support your lifestyle, family, and other projects. Also, creating a platform where anyone can access these robots, vetting those users, making it user-friendly and bug-free, and implementing compliance rules as those rules seem to change monthly in the US.

What advice would you give to another team launching a token in web3?

Focus on building a strong community and transparent communication. Ensure that your tokenomics are fair and incentivize long-term holding and participation. Security audits and continuous improvement are key to maintaining trust and platform integrity.

What is something most tokens get wrong, and what steps are you taking to ensure that you won’t experience these pitfalls?

Most projects we’ve seen have great setups and raise funds but never truly execute their goals, often pivoting to trends. This can be acceptable if the community supports it and it fits the original narrative. When it comes to tokenomics, we believe having the most liquidity for your community is key, truly vesting team funds, and raising enough funds initially to build your project. Showcasing a working product is crucial to maintaining trust and support.


Feel free to reach out for further discussions in our Telegram, or X Community. Looking forward to engaging with the Jupiter DAO community!


What else is the real pitch for the Jupiter Crowd?

You got me curious, and overall the Intro reads solid, bonus points for Linkedin and a lot transparency. I just throw this loaded question in here to inspire you. I think that a lot traction on Jupresearch really depends on how to resonate with users. So either contemplate giving some tangible examples of such AI tools that could spark users interest more, or maybe paint a vision of the future utility and outcome for Jupiter. This can be both, on side of the whole ecosystem, but also give a pitch to the average user as in “what could my benefits as a user be down the line or what could excite me”.


Is there a freemium model to try any of the products on chain.
The website only has paid plans, felt playing around with some of the features will give a better idea of the AI model being built and understand the benefit of using any of the 150+ presets on chain

When do you see integration of remote-controlled robotics with your platform and in what applications are you targeting

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