Introducing Bebe - Where Web3 Meets Social Impact!

Hi Jupiter Fam!

I’m excited to introduce you to the Bebe project, a lit project that blends the thrill of Web3 with a powerful social impact. The $Bebe token goes beyond your average meme coin by backing children’s charities and delivering real benefits to its supporters.

We’ve allocated 10% of $Bebe’s total supply to trusted organizations like Save the Children, and another 10% to strengthen our own ecosystem.

Our roadmap kicks off with the launch of the $Bebe token and then the Bebe NFTs, setting the stage for our next big move—a Web3 marketplace similar to Fiverr. The platform addresses an important need in Web3, providing a trustworthy space that’s free of the scams that are often common in Web3.

By building a solid business, the Bebe project aims to continuously provide ongoing benefits to its community and support children’s charities, while also somewhat shielding itself from the usual swings in the crypto market through stable revenues generated by our marketplace.

Here’s how the revenue from the Bebe Web3 Marketplace would be allocated:

  • 10% to charity,
  • 5% to the team,
  • 30% to $Bebe stakers,
  • 55% reinvested into the marketplace.

Supporters of the Bebe project could look forward to the following benefits:

  • A share in the net proceeds from the Bebe Web3 Marketplace for $Bebe stakers,
  • Higher rewards for those owning a Bebe NFT,
  • Voting rights on significant marketplace features and project milestones,
  • Benefits from Web3 projects advertising on the Bebe Web3 platform,
  • Potential increase in the value of the $Bebe token with the marketplace’s success.

Due to our commitment to transparency and our desire to create trust with our community, the project would be implementing the following things:

  • Multi-Sig wallets for managing project and charity funds,
  • Locked liquidity for the $Bebe token,
  • The revoke of freeze and minting rights for the $Bebe token.

In order to build out a robust Web3 Marketplace, the following are the planned development phases for the Marketplace:

  • Phase 1: Establish legal and financial frameworks,
  • Phase 2: Launch the MVP of the Bebe Marketplace,
  • Phase 3: Develop the MVP into a full-feature marketplace,
  • Phase 4: Enhance the marketplace with advanced functionalities,
  • Phase 5: Expand the marketplace through targeted advertising and rewards,
  • Phase 6: Introduce crypto games, contingent on community vote.

Bebe Team Overview

Team Composition:
Currently, the Bebe project is led by me, the founder, along with the invaluable support of four advisors who bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise. On Discord, you can find me as Ob1 (@pixelbard) and on Twitter as Crypto Explorer (@pixelbard_).

Social Handles:

Project Origins:
Bebe is a passion project that combines some of my personal interests with my business goals. I have a strong entrepreneurial spirit and an inclination towards tech startups, and have been particularly drawn to marketplace and subscription-based business models. I also have a passion for philanthropy, especially initiatives that support children’s welfare and education. The concept of a niche Web3 marketplace began to take shape for me during the last bull run but was put on hold once the downturn hit. The recent surge in meme coin popularity provided me with a great opportunity to merge my interests in Web3 businesses with my interests in supporting children’s charities, as meme culture has a lot of popular memes dedicated to children. My vision for Bebe is that it is a place where tech and meme culture come together to build a community-focused platform that’s not only successful financially, but also makes a real and lasting impact on kids’ lives all over the world.

Professional Background and Experience:
My professional background includes 12 years in Corporate America, where I worked in the Technology division of a leading Wall Street financial institution. Starting as a developer, I transitioned into roles in Business Analysis and Project Management, as they aligned more closely with my strengths in ideation and execution. Over the last decade, I’ve been involved in corporate strategy and management for a holding company with a diverse portfolio.

Beyond my corporate roles, I’ve been deeply involved in the tech startup space, consuming a wealth of information regarding it. I’ve particularly liked consuming and researching content from Y Combinator and its online startup school, NFX and This Week in Startups. I’ve also conducted a lot of research into marketplaces and their business models, gaining good insights into their operations.

While my initial experience is rooted in Web2, I’ve been actively engaged in the Web3 space since 2021. I believe my professional background, combined with my ongoing involvement in the Web3 space well equips me with the right skills to successfully execute on the Bebe roadmap.

Bebe and the Jupiter/Solana Ecosystem

Launching on Solana
The $Bebe token and NFT would be launched on Solana. The Bebe Marketplace will also utilize the Solana blockchain for stable coin transactions.

Collaboration with the Jupiter Ecosystem
Our project’s desire would be to have the Jupiter DAO become involved in the Bebe community, and if possible, come on board as co-signatories on the Bebe project and charity wallets.

We would also like to leverage the Jupiter network for finding quality developers for the Bebe project. We believe a close synergy with the Jupiter network could be extremely beneficial to the project, while also rewarding for the Jupiter network.

Expected TGE (Token Generation Event)
The project is targeting towards the end of May for the $Bebe token presale and its public launch a few weeks after that.



White Paper:






Would you elaborate on the marketplace, please? Some people are not familiar with Fiverr.

Sounds like everything hinges on the marketplace yet there are no details about it in your application.

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Great identification of need and service here.

<3 this – this won me over immediately. Altruism is a rare thing to see as a stated intent and goal within crypto space. Would love to know more about any of the plans for this. And great to see thats is baked into the revenue model so that there is ongoing support for it.

Often such pursuits are difficult to sustain without a strong foundation of support. Am glad to see you’ve considered this and given priority to it.

This is a great initiative, and ill be looking forward seeing this develop. Would love to see more crypto projects also consider altruistic endeavors and building these into their share/revenue models.

You got my vote.


Just to clarify, the marketplace would be a services Web3 marketplace and here’s a URL link to the referenced Web2 Fiverr Marketplace -

Here’s also a summary description of a services marketplace and of Fiverr:

A services marketplace is an online platform where individuals or businesses can offer and purchase various services. Think of it as a digital marketplace, similar to a traditional market, but instead of buying and selling goods, people buy and sell services. These services can range from graphic design, writing, and programming to more personal services like coaching or tutoring. The platform usually facilitates these transactions by providing tools to manage payments, communication, and service delivery securely and efficiently.

Fiverr is a popular example of a services marketplace. It’s designed to help freelancers connect with potential clients. On Fiverr, freelancers can list their services, which are often referred to as ‘gigs,’ with a fixed price starting as low as $5 (which is where the name comes from). Customers can browse these gigs and purchase the ones that meet their needs. Fiverr is known for a wide range of services including creative work, digital marketing, writing, translation, and video production. The platform handles the payment processes and provides a system for reviews and ratings, which helps maintain quality and reliability.

Hi. Thanks for pointing that out. That was a huge assumption on my part, assuming most people are familiar with Fiverr - my bad. Let me share some screenshots from the pages of our Whitepaper that covers the Marketplace and its features.

Thanks! Yes, ongoing support is baked into the project’s business model, as we didn’t want to rely solely on a one-time $Bebe token allocation, as that would run out eventually and sooner than a model that has a % of profits allocated to charity.

The following are 3 goals the project aims to accomplish:

  1. Create a real impact in the lives of disadvantaged kids

  2. Create a successful Web3 business with a revenue stream that can back up the project’s token and value (plus also provide ongoing support to the project’s chosen charities)

  3. Provide real tangible benefits to the Bebe community and founders