Jupiter PreSchool

A few months ago I asked in the comments section on a “State of Jupiter” post: “when pictorial how-to’s? I am missing out on a lot of features”.
I had somehow expected that this would be taken up by someone else (yes, lazy cat) but after some discussion in catdet chat it seemed best to bring it up as a topic of its own.

While I am aware of the existence of Jupiter Space Station (which I should point out is currently not easy to find) I would like to suggest a “Jup for Noobs” educational initiative that involves a more visual approach to teaching the workings of the DEX and the ecosystem in general. The pre-school will make use of short, fun videos(possibly animations) with clear voice overs and sometimes include quizzes (if necessary).

For example, after watching this I never had any more doubts about how zk proofs work or what they are building in general: https://eli5.zksync.io/

I’m not saying that we should do a cartoon too or make the tutorial in that format, but it’s a great example of how even the most complex things can be broken down so it can be understood by anyone.

I believe that in the future this might grow into something that pushes web3 literacy in general as we move completely move away from the centralized meta. Since Jup plans to be the first exchange people think of when getting into web3 i.e mass adoption it should be very accessible, and broken down into bits and pieces that “normies” would understand at first try, and find to be fun right from the beginning.

Having easily understandable, visual “lessons” that exposes you to entirety of Jupiter ecosystem would be a W, both in the short and long run.

I would like to know your thoughts, also please indicate interest if you’re an experienced cat and would like to help build this.


That´s a very cool ideia. But, Solana with Firedancer validator will conquer the world. ETH is too expensive and slow even for the interaction with zkSync.


I love this idea; I have onboarded a couple of my normie friends onto Solana and the Jup Dao. Since they are completely new to crypto they ask what education sites are available. I don’t wanna send them to some random influencers site and they already trust Jup.
If any Catdets wanna work on this I have a professional recording setup and have lots of experience doing Voiceover. I would be glad to narrate scripts to further the meta.


Yeah having verified content on Jupiter’s ins and outs and how tos would be constructive in building an educated cadet force. I myself would rather try and fail and learn the hard way but some cats are def not like that.

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Nice! Thank you!
Please @ me in the discord too.

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Same. Trial and error is fine until you lose funds doing it.

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Yeah! I am a great evangelist for the future of DeFi and how JUP is a powerful player that will bring fantastic solutions to the financial system.
JIT (Just-In-Time) routing, Robust Oracles (PYTH/Switchboard), Versioned Transactions, Wrapped Sol.,. Fast transactions and the scalability of Solana is the perfect instrument.
We will change the financial system for the better. Power to DEX!
And the next step is the tokenization of assets for Loan!

It is a great idea. I think education is a big part of any success-story. Thanks for this initiative and I’ll be keeping a look for more catdet feedback related to your initiative here!


Looking forward to that too

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I’m working on a full breakdown of the $JUP & LFG Launchpad as a guide and overview via Twitter/X article. But, I also agree that an official JUP educational campaign will be valuable to have ready for peak bull, retail onboarding.


Hola @Aro in the discord if you would like to contribute in any way

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Great idea to make understanding Jupiter easier using the various media sources and/or reading materials.

I have always been a fan of quick and easy animations, short videos that hit the key aspects of a feature.


Here’s a production that perfectly illustrates the intention of your project.
Are you the initiator @Aro ?
It could be the start of a working group.:eyes:

:star:For all catdets interested in this subject:
:arrow_right:I thought it would be useful to add the X link to the author’s original publication, should other creators wish to make a connection.

:arrow_right:The youtube link is to the Jupiter channel, if you’d like to see for yourself the enthusiasm generated on this platform.


If by “initiator” you mean first brought it up yes I am. Multiple times in the discord and twice here.
Seeing as that was made in collaboration with Kash, it’s fair to think that’s an official series. I’m glad it’s being done, But I also think if the team was going to handle it themselves the information should have been passed across. I pushed for it and let it go as the article didn’t garner enough interest from anyone except @c2yptic . Or I thought so.

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