Establish Comprehensive Brand Guidelines for Jupiter DAO (WIP)

UPDATE: Here is a feedback form to prompt some direct questions about what you think about brand guidelines.

In any product, establishing clear brand guidelines is essential to maintaining a cohesive identity. I have created a v1 of some brand guidelines, the goal of these guidelines is to foster consistent communication and design across all Jupiter DAO channels. This proposal outlines the benefits of having a style guide and explains how it can evolve with the community to support creators and ensure our branding is aligned under the entirety of the Jupiter ecosystem.

Why do we need Brand Guidelines?

Brand guidelines serve as a foundational framework for any organization, providing a unified approach to communication, design, and interaction. For Jupiter DAO, this is crucial as we grow and attract a diverse audience but also build trust with our current community members. Here’s why brand guidelines are important:

  • Consistency: Consistent use of logos, color schemes, typography, and messaging reinforces our brand identity. This consistency helps build trust among community members and prospective partners, creating a professional and reliable image.
  • Clarity: Clear guidelines reduce confusion about what constitutes “on-brand” content, allowing creators to work efficiently and avoid missteps that could dilute our identity.
  • Trust: Consumers of our products and community interactions trust Jupiter, maintaining a consistent and clear identity fosters trust.

Guidelines Structure (WIP)

To ensure that our brand guidelines are comprehensive yet flexible, we’ve divided them into key sections:

  1. Brand Mission and Values: This section defines our mission statement and guiding principles, informing our approach to proposals, documentation, workshops, and community interactions.
  2. Logo Guidelines: We establish rules for logo usage, including restrictions, placement, and processes to distinguish between DAO and Jupiter Exchange materials.
  3. Community Voice: This section sets standards for terminology, acronyms, and the general tone of communication. We suggest using an “Explain Like I’m 5” (ELI5) approach to ensure clarity and accessibility.
  4. Color Scheme: We provide RGB and Hex values to ensure design alignment across all platforms and media.
  5. Typography: Clear guidelines for font families and styles help maintain consistency in text-based content.
  6. Creative Inspiration: A collection of themes, imagery, and style examples to inspire and guide our creators. This section should evolve with community feedback and creative trends.

Using and Evolving our Brand Guidelines

Brand guidelines should be a living document, adaptable to changing trends, technologies, and community input. Here’s how we envision the use and evolution of our brand guidelines:

  • Make the guidelines easily accessible to everyone in the community. Hosting them online ensures real-time updates and easy sharing.
  • Encourage community input to keep the guidelines relevant and inclusive. This helps ensure the guidelines reflect the diverse perspectives within Jupiter DAO.
  • While guidelines provide structure, they should not stifle creativity. Allow room for experimentation within the framework, enabling creators to innovate while staying on-brand.
  • Schedule periodic reviews of the guidelines to ensure they remain current. This keeps the brand fresh and adaptable to new trends.

Establishing comprehensive brand guidelines is a critical step for Jupiter DAO as we grow and expand our reach. By providing a clear framework, we can maintain consistency, foster community unity, and empower creators to contribute to our brand’s success. I would love to get some input from the community on the above v1 to finalize our guidelines and gather additional assets. The above image will be undergo a redesign once all of the necessary information is gathered and feedback is discussed.


A document like this, if it doesn’t already exist, is a must.

Good brand guidelines provide multiple examples of acceptable and unacceptable use of the logo and brand name. The key is provide clear guidance while not being too restrictive to creativity.

I have build documents like this before, would be happy to pitch in. The core team may have build something already though.

Agreed. This is definitely a noteworthy cause as the dao grows. I am actually not sure if the current brand guide is publicly available, but I have seen it in figma.

@kemosabe Should have more info there.

I was reading something earlier about setting up a db with Jup assets that can be used by the community. It seems that having a single clearing house that would provide both brand guidelines, but downloadable assets for free use would be beneficial.


Agreed, minimal asset alignment should be the request. Ideally we expand to community voice and tone.

Agreed, IMO the brand guide for the DAO should be differentiated from the Jupiter exchange / product. We should get that in writing, what is our brand (DAO) mission as a community? Does Jupiter exchange endorse all of our decisions fully? If not, what is the differentiation?

If you have thoughts throw it it in here! I don’t think we should wait for existing work. My thought right now is that Jupiter DAO is different than Jupiter exchange, we should set up DAO brand criteria differently than Jupiter exchange criteria.

What does the DAO represent? If it is not already distinguished it should be.

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Probably something we need the web working group (if funded) to add to the website. There is a lot we can do with that site, and I think it’s meant to be the central hub for the DAO.


I would think something like this already exists, however, if it doesn’t, then I agree, that we should put this in place for consistency.

Good stuff, tbh thought this already existed or was on the table of one of the WGs.


I just want to make a v1 as a one-pager and give it to them, this does not have to be a full proposal or project. My thought right now is, what should we include? I will likely make a google form and get some feedback and make this and share with WWG to add to site as an asset.

My thoughts for you Sambino.
Practical feedback on the v1 image in your OP:

  1. Brand
    If it’s been set and unambiguously agreed on somewhere, great, include it, otherwise skip it and keep the focus on “Visual Identity” for now.

  2. Logo
    Logo and logotype on dark background example
    Logo and logotype on white background example
    Logo and logotype in black and white example
    App icon example
    Sizes: small, medium large
    Whitespace requirements, if any
    Links to formats: SVG, PNG, JPEG
    Multiple examples of unacceptable use

  3. Community Voice
    Same as 1

  4. Color Scheme
    Expand based on the logos in part 2

  5. Typography

  • brand fonts
  • examples of headers and text blocks together with logo
  • guidance for use of italics, bold, thin etc.
  • Multiple examples of unacceptable use
  • download links for TTFs
  • licensing, if any
  1. Creative Inspiration
    Yep, nice idea, just add more, keep quality very high, go for variety to inspire
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It definitely already exists for Jupiter as an entity, they have a massive design system, unsure on exactly how that applies to the DAO as of yet though. Little discovery needed there.

I’ve started drafting a differentiation for Jup.Eco specifically, but, more than happy to include other options — I’m not married to this look or colors at all.

I do believe it should be differentiated from the main JUP brand but definitely reference it.

FWIW — I’ve been a freelance brand/web designer for roughly 7 years now, so