Ecosystem Master Token List

Jupiter’s Token List grows up! Our github token list repo(the ‘strict list’) has served the community for a long time and it is time for an upgrade.

The new Ecosystem Master List brings to you automated tags from partners and a more seamless token verification process for projects.

For a while, Jupiter has taken on the responsibility of validating mint addresses so that users don’t fall prey to imposters (“Is this the real JUP?”) — a massive headache in Defi where anyone can name tokens whatever they want.

We’ve spent 1000’s of hours working with the community to attest and validate tokens into our token list, lovingly pruning and maintaining it with all of its quirks. What started out as a quick hack for ourselves after the original Solana token registry was deprecated 2 years ago is now used by many protocols as the source of truth for tokens — from wallets and dexes to screeners and bridges.

As the number of tokens on Solana exploded (>15000 new tokens are created on Solana daily!), we are receiving hundreds of requests every week. We need a more sustainable approach that incorporates automation and creates a friendlier platform for the wider ecosystem to collaborate with.

1. Incorporating automated partner tags:

We are moving away from the binary strict/all dynamic (“Token enter strict list gud, no enter bad”) to a single aggregated list with multiple tags.

Tags include:

  • community – Tokens that are verified by the Jupiter community. We have seeded the community list with everything from the strict list repo today. A new community site is available for token verification – see #3.
  • strict – Tokens that were validated previously in the strict-list repo. This repo will be deprecated, please use the community site to get a community tag going forward.
  • lst – Sanctum’s list from their repo which we automatically pull
  • pump – Tokens that graduated from pump, from their API
  • clone - Tokens from Clone protocol, from their repo
  • birdeye-trending - Top 100 trending tokens from birdeye

On top of that, we have 2 convenience tags:

  • verified - Tokens that we display as verified on Today, this is a superset consisting of tokens tagged “community” and “lst”. You can use this setting to automatically receive jupiter’s settings when we update our allowlist.
  • unknown - Untagged tokens that we display a warning on on Tokens would either be verified or unknown.

We do not display duplicate tokens (exact match in name and symbol against a token that is validated) on Jupiter unless they are on the Community List. See Tweet.

We are working with ecosystem partners to get more tags set up over time to help users find the tokens they want. If you have your own list of tokens, we would love to tag them on our API. All we need from you is an endpoint with a list of mint addresses, explained here.

2. Ecosystem master token list API

A new consolidated API is available:

Example response:

{"address":"27G8MtK7VtTcCHkpASjSDdkWWYfoqT6ggEuKidVJidD4","name":"Jupiter Perps","symbol":"JLP","decimals":6,"logoURI":"","tags":["community","strict"],"daily_volume":2291976.577629682,"freeze_authority":"AVzP2GeRmqGphJsMxWoqjpUifPpCret7LqWhD8NWQK49","mint_authority":"AVzP2GeRmqGphJsMxWoqjpUifPpCret7LqWhD8NWQK49"},
{"address":"jupSoLaHXQiZZTSfEWMTRRgpnyFm8f6sZdosWBjx93v","name":"Jupiter Staked SOL","symbol":"JupSOL","decimals":9,"logoURI":"","tags":["community","strict","lst"],"daily_volume":2228947.6686637774,"freeze_authority":null,"mint_authority":"EMjuABxELpYWYEwjkKmQKBNCwdaFAy4QYAs6W9bDQDNw"},

3.Get a community tag for your token, powered by catdets on a new site

Catdet powered community list is the future. Read more in this post.


Thanks alot, Mei! I know this has been a priority for a while, and knowing that it frees up some capacity from the CWG is a huge relief. And on top of that the list is now free of most of its growing pains.

I’ve been looking forward to it going live specifically because I’ve been looking to get more involved and get a sense of contribution for a while. With this in mind (and I did mention this to Slorg as well) I would like to volunteer to help maintain the Catdet Token List. If you are available we could have a quick call on it at your convenience.


Hi Morten! Awesome, I’ll create a group chat soon for all who volunteered. Talk soon!