Get your token a community tag! BETA

The Community Token List, powered by Catdets on a sparkling new site:

The Core Working Group, in collaboration with Bored King, have created a new site for projects to apply for this tag. All you have to do is enter your mint address, and all the required information will be pulled from on-chain.

We are excited to work towards a more decentralised, community owned token list. There will be a ton that we have to improve on to get the largest, fastest growing and most dynamic token list working well for all of you – we ask for your patience and please reach out to let us know in our discord’s token-list channel how we can help.

At the start, we require 2 approvals from whitelisted Jupiter catdets to serve as safety guardrails as we iterate and learn from the process. They will form our feedback and iteration council so that we can automate the token verification process further and make this a wider community process while maintaining user safety.

There are some metrics requested to prevent spam, which are the same as what is requested in the strict list process today. For approval, your project needs to:

  • Be at least 21 days old. We’ve found that 90% of tokens rug within the first weeks and this requirement dramatically decreases noise and improves list quality. You can get on earlier if you are a project well-known by the community.
  • Have > 10K in daily volume
  • Have > 100K in market cap
  • Have unique metadata (Symbol and Name does not duplicate another project on the community list)

We will adjust these requirements and remove some over time, based on the learnings and feedback of the catdet token council. I personally think that we need to separate the 2 goals eventually – token verification (no imposters, this token is who they say they are) and a high signal list using dynamic filters on metrics and tags so that users and protocols can get a tighter list.

A quick reminder: Your token does not have to be tagged to be tradable. We pick up all tokens automatically once there is sufficient liquidity and your token will be discoverable. Remind your users to search via your mint address so they can swap safely!

Other resources:

P.S. Big thanks to Slorg and Bored King for pushing this through and bringing the new site to you!! <3