What it means to be a Catdet? Catdet Guidelines, Ethos and Rules

Last week we hosted our first Catdet Townhall in the Discord, right after the weekly Jupiter Ecosystem call.

Great turn out and huge love and thanks to all those who joined us for the discussion. The community chatted about the sort of rules, guidelines and ethos that Catdets should abide by, and the ideas were co-contributed into the a public collaborative sticky notes tool (Padlet)

This is a live, public document. Feel free to add your thoughts and ideas to it!

This effort is really important for the CAWG because it is the first step in the process of listening closely and working with the community to co-create. Together we will craft a concept and vision of what being a Catdet mean. A strong Catdet core and culture will serve to accelerate Jupiter’s mission to bring the decentralisation meta to the world.

We will continue this iterative process next week, on Tuesday 9am EST with a public co-working session in the Jupiter Discord, where we will go over the ideas in the Padlet and distil them into the first draft working document.

Look forward to seeing the community join us in this! LFGrow!!

Here’s the link to the Discord event: Discord
and Twitter post: x.com


I’m totally feline this! Absolutely pawsome!