Suggestion: Change default tokens on and future mobile app to SOL and JUP pair default token selection on Swap, Limit, DCA is pair


This recommends changing default selection to new default pair



Onboarding users to DAO participation through $JUP Ownership
Raising awarness and accessibility of transacting $JUP token

Missed Opportunity has 10.4M visitors a month ( source: SimilarWeb) but daily only between 5-10K wallets are trading in $JUP ( Source: Dune )

DAO participation is also not experiencing accelerated growth in reference to growth of other popular projects as new wallets of $JUP token are deaccelerating growth ( Source: Dune )

Ethical consideration:
Isn’t this selfserving? Yes, Jup website Jup token. Normal.


Screenshot 2024-05-31 182523