Rebalancing the JLP Pool Weight Distribution & Jupiter Token in Jupiter Perps

Proposal: Inclusion of Jupiter Token in Jupiter Perps and Rebalancing the JLP Pool Weight Distribution

This proposal suggests the inclusion of the Jupiter (JUP) token in the Jupiter Perps (perpetual futures) platform and rebalancing the JLP pool composition to include up to 10% Jupiter tokens. This change aims to encourage the community to hold Jupiter tokens indirectly, thereby benefiting the DAO.


  1. Current Situation: The JLP pool currently consists of 50% ETH/BTC/SOL and 50% USDT/USDC. Fees generated by the Jupiter platform are distributed to JLP holders.
  2. Proposed Changes:
    • Adding the Jupiter (JUP) token to the Jupiter Perps platform for perpetual futures trading.
    • Rebalancing the JLP pool composition to include up to 10% Jupiter tokens.
  3. Objective: To ensure that users benefiting from Jupiter’s services indirectly hold Jupiter tokens, thus contributing to the sustainability of the DAO.
  4. Expected Outcomes:
    • Providing JLP holders with an additional source of income.
    • Contributing to the growth and strength of the Jupiter community.
    • Creating a more sustainable ecosystem for the DAO.

This proposal aims to enhance the value proposition for the community by adding the Jupiter token to the perpetual futures platform and the JLP pool. Implementing these changes is expected to provide community members with additional income opportunities and contribute to the long-term success of the platform and the DAO.


I think the two tokens should be kept separate. I get it is all the same community, but don’t think JUP should be integrated with perps trading. If people are perps trading JUP wouldn’t that go against purchasing and holding JUP? Unless there is a liquidity needed in JUP to allow this type of trading. I will honestly say I am not 100 percent on how perps liquidity trading works.


Really in favor of this proposal, would recommend 5% though instead of 10%.


This is a well thought out idea related to the JLP Pool, thanks for taking your time with sharing it!

But please note, the DAO does not govern this product or the other products at Jupiter such as the swap aggregator, therefore we deem this to be a nice suggestion and feedback - and we’ve notified the Jupiter team about it :slight_smile:

Therefore we’ve moved this topic to “Jupiter Products” for further conversations. thanks!


This is a well thought idea.

I agree with c2yptic.


Maybe1% JUP and 1% JLP totaling 2%, so JLP is inside JLP…? (Sometimes an index holds itself.)

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