Slorgs LFG response

@Slorg β€œTo get you started, we present a few questions:”

Were there any aspects which you particularly liked?

:slight_smile: the short and sharp nature = less bots! which is always a positive.

  1. What improvements would you like to see? A leaderboard periodorically posted every 12 hours! So we can see who is in front without knowing by how much :grinning:
  1. Did you like the blind voting? Should we keep it for future votes?` Yes 100% particually when it came to voting for budgets, people just went with the flow with the old TLDR excuse.
  1. Thoughts around a vote timer that prevents you from voting for X amount of time? Hmm… if it reduces bots than sure! lets do it

P.s. look at this Ai image i got of jup! :star_struck: