LFG Retrospective & Feedback(Changelog)

We will use this post to include all of the changes gleaned from each round of LFG voting.

Round 1

  • Miscellaneous Voting page & Educational changes including direct links to the governance site on the main site, and:

Round 2

Informational Changes:

  1. Formation of the DAO twitter to help further reach voters and propagate relevant information. Also will tweet reminders each day of a live vote.

  2. Additional clarity around ASR: This includes both UI changes and educational efforts

  3. Creation of a Calendar to more accurately display the timeline of the LFG process.

Process Changes:

  1. Reducing number of winners from 2 to 1.

  2. AMAs shifting over to twitter spaces:

  3. LFG Candidate Roles in Discord

Round 3:

  1. Continuing Blind voting for LFG votes for the time being, and advocating for other votes as well.

  2. Foregoing the timer for the time being.

  3. Exploring a more robust notification system: This includes potentially exploring email and mobile notification options.

  4. Small Site Changes: Rewording the call to action on the vote page from “View Discussion” to “View Full Proposal”. Adding a voting power column. Clearer indications that any airdrop claim is a bonus.

  5. Stronger comms around new things. For example, there was a lot of information around Meteora’s Alpha Vault, but it had to be sought out. There was a medium article, for example, but there was no 1 pager with a tldr. This is something we will seek to be more mindful of going forward with the team.

  6. Better guidelines on Discord or the Forum to prevent extreme harassment of candidates. We never want to clamp down on speech that is sincere or truthful. However, there have been instances where individuals have spent days harassing individuals without evidence inside and outside of the Discord. We think covering the outer limits of these things is not a bad idea, while making sure to not infringe on anyone. A simple rule could be “severe accusations demand severe evidence” and “refusal to provide evidence with continued accusations could lead to a time out”.

Changes to Explore

  1. Some sort of survey apparatus: whether it exists at the vote’s end or somewhere else to collect data from users such as “where do you get your information from when you vote?”. It is in this way that we can draw insights on the voterbase at large.