Proposing Cooperative Solana Validator Network: Transforming Solana's Validator Landscape

Cooperative Solana Validator Network (CSVN) – Proposal

The Cooperative Solana Validator Network (CSVN) is pioneering a vision aimed at revolutionizing the Web3 space by democratizing participation in validator ownership/governance. By leveraging blockchain technology and cooperative principles, CSVN seeks to empower individuals to actively contribute to the security and decentralization of the Solana network.

1. Introduction: Solana has emerged as a leading blockchain platform, offering high throughput and low fees. However, the strength of any blockchain network lies in its validator infrastructure—the nodes responsible for securing and validating transactions. As Solana continues to grow, the need for a robust and decentralized validator network becomes paramount.

2. The Need for Decentralization: Centralization poses risks to any blockchain network, including censorship, single points of failure, and compromised security. CSVN recognizes the importance of decentralization in maintaining the integrity and resilience of the Solana ecosystem. By distributing ownership and governance of validators among a diverse community of stakeholders, CSVN mitigates these risks and promotes a more democratic network.

3. Cooperative Ownership and Governance: CSVN introduces a novel model of cooperative ownership, where participants can purchase CSVN tokens to provide liquidity for setting up new validators. Each CSVN token represents a share of ownership in the validator network, granting holders voting power and a stake in the profits generated by validators. Through a transparent governance framework, token holders can collectively make decisions regarding validator operations, upgrades, and rewards distribution.

4. Benefits of CSVN:

  • Increased Decentralization: CSVN enhances Solana’s decentralization by onboarding additional validators; enabling members to become validator owners and making the network more resilient to attacks and disruptions.
  • Financial Incentives: CSVN token holders receive rewards from validator profits, incentivizing participation and long-term commitment to the network.
  • Community Engagement: CSVN would foster a vibrant community of stakeholders who actively contribute to the growth and sustainability of the Solana ecosystem.

5. Roadmap:

  • Phase 1: Launch and Token Sale.
  • Phase 2: Validator Setup and Onboarding.
  • Phase 3: Governance and Rewards Implementation.
  • Phase 4: Growth and Expansion.

6. Vision: CSVN aims to revolutionize Web3 space by democratizing participation in governance and validator ownership. The cooperative model empowers individuals to actively contribute to the security and decentralization of the Solana network, setting a new standard for inclusivity and resilience.

7. Conclusion: The Cooperative Solana Validator Network (CSVN) represents a pioneering initiative to reshape the future of blockchain. By harnessing the power of cooperation, CSVN aims to increase decentralization, promote community engagement, and ensure the long-term success of the Solana network. We invite all crypto enthusiasts, developers, and participants to join us on this exciting journey towards a more inclusive and resilient Solana.


Nice, so essentially a Solana Validator DAO? Once the model gains traction within Solana will there be the expectation to replicate this model across other chains? I see things are outlined in phases as well, are there actual timelines established or an MVP? Or are the timelines for each phase dependent on acceptance into something like this?


I like how this increases access to validator benefits and exposure to the tech/learning. Will there be shared governance?

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Interesting and fascinating idea! I think a validator such as Udder Chaos did something similar but using NFTs.

Just to make sure I got it right; This would be a community driven validator using the token as a ownership- and governance vehicle for its participants?

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Exactly, token holders will own/operate/govern new validators. I would hope we get to a point where we can own/operate several validators. More validators more decentralization

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Yes, like a DAO. We would collectively own, govern, and profit!

The token holders will own, govern, and profit from new validators. Its going to be great!

This proposal and its timelines will be contingent on acceptance.

Indeed, thank you for the update!

@frantic1 have you thought about the actual infrastructure like where will the nodes be hosted, security, monitoring etc? how many people are currently in the coop and have you done any preliminary work ie creating a dao in Realms?

I was actually thinking about the same concept on Aptos and

So far, the team is just my wife and I. This is very early in development and is contingent on acceptance from this community or a grant program. If you are interested in joining the team, PM me.

To reply with jups first launched token. Wen. Cant see those details in the roadmap yet.