Metropolis Upgrade

We’re currently in the middle of our Metropolis upgrade, and I thought to write this forum post to document our progress.

Some time ago, we released our T0 service under the Metropolis Upgrade.

We did this by setting up a new streaming T0 service that monitored the chain and relevant AMMs, and immediately “add” new pools and tokens that are launched.

Full Jupiter Routing: Periodically crawl the entire chain and all relevant markets/tokens every 30mins-1hr, and add tokens that pass a liquidity minimum to Jupiter Routing.
T0 Service: Monitoring the AMM’s program directly, and offer the pool for direct routing (without Jupiter Routing) when it is immediately created, with no liquidity minimum,

This brought down the time of listing new tokens on Jupiter from a few hours to 15 seconds or so, but with direct routing. As tokens generated more volume & fees they were added to full routing.

This new T0 service was built with Meteora Dynamic Pools/DLMM, Orca Whirlpools and Raydium CPMM. With our pipeline including Fluxbeam for Token2022 tokens, and Raydium’s new CPMM program.

There is a minimum liquidity checker for Jupiter Routing, as it requires on-chain look-up tables, which incurs a SOL fee.

Fun Fact: we tried to get every token into full Jupiter Routing, and burnt about 100 SOL~ a day doing so.

This was our first Metropolis Upgrade, allowing for tokens to be traded immediately with direct routing. This is now available on UI, and will be available across all our integration partners soon.


Progress Update:

We’re currently working on a new version of our Quote-API, called edge-quote-api.

This new API directly pulls from a DB of all available tokens & markets on Solana.

We’re currently trying to make sure that it is highly resilient (can handle the high load of and all our integration partners), before rolling it out to progressively.

You can test if your token or market is available on the quote api or edge quote api by doing this:

For Markets:


If the market is picked up by Jupiter, it’ll look like this:

Currently, allows you to trade new markets directly when they are added to this new DB, but only with direct routing.

This feature will be rolled out to all integrated partners soon.