Jupiter Changelog

Everyday, there are improvements feedback-ed, iterated and pushed to Jupiter products. We want to foster a highly effective feedback loop between the team and the community. To do so, this forum post will be used by the team to publish up to date changelogs – to ensure that you are kept in the light of recent changes where you can explore with the best experience and provide us with more feedback.


May 2024

Metropolis Infrastructure Changes:

  • We’re currently testing Edge-Quote-API, a new Quote API with our infrastructure upgrades. This will be progressively rolled out to Jup.ag.


  • Added a pop-up modal about Token2022 token info such as freeze authority, transfer fee, etc.
  • Enabled auto-slippage and users are able to set a max auto-slippage.
  • Fixed rounding error when clicking on β€œMax”.
  • Removed JIT routing.


  • Filtering of trade history by date is added.
  • Updated docs links on the UI to match new ones.


  • Partial unstaking is now available. It still takes 30 days to unstake but the partial unstaked tokens will have no voting power.
  • Countdown was added to the UI, clearly showing how long a proposal is going to be active for.
  • Blind voting is enabled, you can now only view results after the vote ends.


  • JupSOL now earns 50% of priority fees generated by the Jupiter Validator.


  • Welcome page is live


  • Perp docs migrated to guides by Web Working Group