LFG voting - What SHOULD Dao vote be for?

Shaping the Future of JUP

Whilst i love the current state of the LFG voting platform, here are some interesting ideas i think would be pretty cool of the DAO to vote on. :ringer_planet:

1. Airdrop Eligibility and Bot Prevention

To ensure airdrops reward genuine supporters, perhaps the DAO could decide on SOME of the criteria for next Jupuary?

2. Marketing Incentives

To attract new members and promote JUP, this proposal suggests:

  • Referral Bonuses: Rewards for referring new users.
  • Social Media Campaigns: Incentives for promoting JUP online.
  • Content Creation Rewards: Rewards for creating high-quality content about JUP.

At the end of each season the DAO can vote on who has been most impactful in the community.

3. JUP Member of the Month

This proposal introduces a monthly award to recognize outstanding community members. The winner, selected by DAO vote, will receive a set amount of JUP tokens.

4. Launch of a JUP Meme Coin

This proposal aims to launch a fun and engaging JUP Meme Coin. Key decisions include:

  • Name: Voting on a catchy and community-inspired name.
  • Tokenomics: Setting total supply and distribution plan.
  • Launch Strategy: Planning the launch event and promotional activities.

Obv these are just ideas, but what would everyone like to see? i feel for the future of JUP, merely voting on LFG launchpads and budgets is too limitted in scope for the foreseeable future.