LFG Voting tweaks

How does the following sound for LFG voting through Jup Dao?

Instead of keeping it blank for the whole 3 days, why don’t we try the idea of periodical updates.
i.e. every 12 hours you mention the order but not by how many votes they are up by?

I think keeping it anonymous is great but this gives people the option to consider changing their votes! :slight_smile:


can’t change your vote. I like the idea or concept of having it open. that is why we vote on chain and is a core principle for a dao. however, we are human and are subject to many outside elements that can persuade one. ideally, have the votes show as they are tallied. realistically, we haven’t reached that point collectively as a dao. I don’t think any dao truly has but I got my money on jup catdets :saluting_face:

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  1. A blind vote should not be seen at all by anyone until it is over.

  2. A voter should not be allowed to change the vote.There shouldn’t be any need to change the vote as long as the voter is well informed.

  3. If #1 fails for any reason or the ongoing results get “hacked” somehow, then #2 will reduce the impact of #1.

  4. Make sure the voter is well informed.


I think this would cause confirmation bias in the voters. It is beneficial that your vote is yours, based on what you think is best and not affected by the voting weight of others.

  1. Well, that’s what a blind vote is, isn’t it. However if someone wants to build a public dashboard, there’s nothing anyone can do to stop them.

  2. Disagree. New information about a project could come to light during the course of voting that would cause someone to change their mind. In such a case, they should also be able to change their vote.

  3. Absolutely no way to “make sure” of anything. If a voter wants to remain ignorant, there’s nothing you can do to guarantee a change in their mindset. Might as well try to get water to run uphill while you’re at it.

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