Jupiter Product Feedback with Siong

We hear you! As Jupiter grows the pie, we need to ensure your feedback is heard, your feedback is discussed openly with others, and your feedback is implemented.

Here are some feedback we’ve gathered from the Discord Forum and consolidated into a Jupresearch post for better visibility and promote discussion.

Comment your thoughts or share more feedback on the post! We’ll be hosting a Discord Town Hall with Siong on Tuesday, May 28, 2024 2:00 PM to discuss more in-depth about your feedback and how we can move forward.

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Auto switch RPC

Currently, we allow manual switching between pre-defined RPCs or your custom RPC. In times where RPC performance fluctuates, we can potentially automatically switch RPCs for the user rather than users manually clicking 3 more times to conduct a swap.

  • Do you care about what RPC you are using?

Blacklisting tokens

Currently we show tokens that are in your wallet and subsequently top tokens. In a case where you have tokens that might have been a rug or is frozen, you can have the ability to blacklist it to prevent you from seeing it ever again.

  • Do you find it useful to blacklist tokens that you might have but don’t or can’t trade it anymore?
  • Contrastingly, will favouriting tokens be useful?

Display freeze authority warning for SPL tokens

Currently we display a warning for Token2022 tokens (with or without token extensions) but not SPL tokens. By design, SPL tokens do have functionality that could be utilised maliciously such as freeze authority.

  • How about SPL tokens such as USDC? Do we want a warning for those tokens too?

Display of perps fees, current pnl and downloadable history csv

Currently, we underline your position’s value where upon hovering, displays all pnl and fee information: pnl (pre-fees), borrow fee, open and close fee, pnl (post-fees).

  • Do you prefer the upfront pnl value (underneath the position’s value) to be post fees or pre fees?
  • How can we better display other fees?


Show APY of all LSTs

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I think automatically switch RPC is a good idea but maybe also have it so you can turn it off.(default on?)

I like the idea of backlisting tokens. what would happen though if you use something like debank would it just not appear on those types of dapps also?

@Azrangar I agree show APY of all LSTs