Jup Dex Volume calculator

Hi Cadets!

It would be cool to bring back the Jupiter dex volume calculator we had last November.

This would allow users to know how much volume they have done on the site and perhaps their growth. Is this something we could bring back?

Ik Dune analytics have one but you have to add the volume up yourself.

Who would like an offical JUP volume calculator?


I would love that. The reality is that I am still fresh, too fresh to understand maybe what the big picture value for everyone would be or if someone deems it only a detail that is not necessary.

But as a new user it would help me get a sense of progression and also easier measure growth and have an eyecatcher metric to get attached with.


The volume calculator was a big part this time last year. Would be dope to see it back!

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Ditto, I would like to see that as well.

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