Improve JUP DAO

  1. Customizable User Dashboards: Users can tailor their dashboard layout to suit their preferences, making it easier to access frequently used features.

  2. Interactive Learning Tools: Implement interactive tutorials and simulations to guide users through platform features, making learning more engaging.

  3. Community Support Channels: Provide community-driven support forums or chat rooms where users can seek help from peers and moderators in real-time.

  4. Real-time Market Insights: Offer customizable charts and analytics tools within the platform for users to make informed trading decisions.

  5. Multi-language Support: Translate platform content into multiple languages for a more inclusive user experience.

  6. Interoperability with DeFi Ecosystem: Integrate seamlessly with other DeFi protocols and applications on Solana to offer additional features and services.

  7. Social Trading Features: Enable users to connect with each other, share trading strategies, and collaborate on investment opportunities.

  8. Accessibility Features: Ensure the platform is accessible to users with diverse needs, such as those who use screen readers or have visual impairments.
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  1. / 2. / 5. Points are very interesting and useful to improve more activity inside JUP DAO and C.W.G , let’s build on!