Jup Jet - Acquisition of Private Jet

Proposal: Introducing the ‘Jup Jet’ for Enhanced Brand Presence and Marketing


As an integral part of the Jupiter community, we propose the establishment of the ‘Jup Jet’ initiative, aimed at elevating our brand presence, fostering community engagement, and enhancing marketing efforts through strategic attendance at crypto conferences and events. The ‘Jup Jet’ will serve as a unique and impactful tool to amplify our visibility within the cryptocurrency space and beyond.


Jupiter, a decentralized exchange aggregator on Solana, has been a pioneer in the DeFi ecosystem. With a suite of exchange services, including Swaps, Payments API, Limit Orders, and Dollar-Cost Averaging (DCA) options, Jupiter has emerged as a trusted platform for traders and investors. Additionally, Jupiter actively supports integration with Decentralized Exchanges (DEXes) through the Jupiter Terminal and provides guidelines for token visibility on its platform.

Proposal Overview:

The ‘Jup Jet’ initiative seeks to leverage the power of personal interactions and networking opportunities at crypto conferences and events to amplify Jupiter’s brand presence and marketing efforts. By acquiring a private jet, we aim to create memorable experiences, foster meaningful connections, and disseminate valuable information about Jupiter’s offerings.


Enhanced Brand Visibility: The ‘Jup Jet’ will serve as a distinctive symbol of Jupiter’s commitment to innovation and community engagement, attracting attention and curiosity at every event attended.

Community Engagement: By involving community members as ‘Jup Jet Ambassadors,’ we encourage active participation and empower individuals to become advocates for Jupiter within their respective networks.

Marketing and Branding: Through strategic attendance at key conferences and events, the ‘Jup Jet’ will facilitate targeted marketing efforts, allowing Jupiter to reach new audiences and strengthen relationships with existing users.


Acquisition and Maintenance of the Jet: Jupiter will purchase a private jet, ensuring that it meets safety standards and is equipped to accommodate ‘Jup Jet Ambassadors’ comfortably during travel.

Selection of Ambassadors: Ambassadors for the ‘Jup Jet’ will be chosen based on their influence within the cryptocurrency community, as well as their ability to embody the values and ethos of Jupiter.

Event Planning and Coordination: A dedicated team will be responsible for identifying relevant conferences and events, coordinating travel logistics, and ensuring that ‘Jup Jet Ambassadors’ are equipped with the necessary resources and information to represent Jupiter effectively.

Promotional Activities: Ambassadors will engage in various promotional activities at events, including networking, panel discussions, live demonstrations, and social media engagement, all aimed at showcasing Jupiter’s unique features and benefits.

Feedback and Evaluation: Regular feedback sessions and performance evaluations will be conducted to assess the effectiveness of the ‘Jup Jet’ initiative and identify areas for improvement.


A detailed budget outlining the costs associated with acquiring and maintaining the ‘Jup Jet,’ as well as travel expenses, event fees, promotional materials, and ambassador compensation, will be presented for community review and approval.


The ‘Jup Jet’ initiative represents an exciting opportunity for Jupiter to further solidify its position as a leader in the decentralized finance space. By leveraging the power of personal connections and community engagement, we are confident that the ‘Jup Jet’ will not only enhance our brand presence and marketing efforts but also foster a stronger sense of belonging and unity within the Jupiter community.


+1 for creativity

Im gunna go ahead and be negative now.

Big nope here. A limited elite to ride around in a jet (unsustainable, costly, etc.) sets a very bad example for what we are trying to accomplish with this community.

I mean, if it happens I wanna ride too but its not a good look imo. Not yet.

Success first. Overthrow the FED. At that point I might consider voting yes.


Unnecessary and very expensive from acquisition, storage, maintain, etc.
A constant outflow of capital.

If ethos is decentralization and universal benefit, spending on unnecessary luxury is in direct contrast with it. Big NO.


This might be better proposed in 2025 imo.

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I don’t agree with this. There are several different ideas that could be agreed upon instead

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lol of course that’s a no

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the fact that people don’t realise this is a joke is so scary

read the CWG budget and then read this :sob:


no to jet
first, make a successful bulll run for jup community


Everyone reading this needs to check the date on which it was posted before replying.


NGL I def fell for this April Fool’s trickery…lol

I pray this was a joke, tbh.

I vote in favor, cats need to fly. :rocket: :wink:

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Until we get to the moon, the preferred air-travel would be via: RyanAir, EasyJet, Spirit Airlines, Frontier Airlines, etc… go with the low cost carriers since this coin is on the lower end of Market Capitalization compared to the big dogs. Love the brand but the cost of a private jet is way to costly for an asset in this stage. As of today, JUP is -40% since launch. Save, Save, Save, Invest in Project. Wait. Ride in a private jet when we see 1,000X gains.

Hard no.

Ambassadors can and should be spread out across the globe to increase the global footprint and to eliminate the need for the same peeps to travel everywhere.

A private jet so a few insiders can pretend to be rock stars would be highly detrimental to the entire brand in my opinion.

We need to moderate this kind of junk as people on socials already saying that DAO wants to spend money on this, there is no joking when money is involved, get a life

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create memories for who, the few special folks that get to use this? I’m going with a thumbs down on this one. Nice try though.