Idea/Proposal: Refund voting costs via archival of voting data

As the number of votes grow over time, voters will have to pay more and more accumulated rent costs over time (0.0016 SOL per vote currently).

Considering there are about 334k unique voters in the last LFG vote, this comes up to about 530 SOL of costs to maintain the voting data on-chain just for a single vote.

If we are going to let “a thousand workgroups bloom” then this will eventually stack up to maybe even more than a million SOL from voters just to keep the data on-chain as the number of voters and Jupiter grows over time.

Would be cool if Jupiter came up with a plan to archive the data off-chain after a fixed period of time or used some compression magic to deal with the data storage on-chain so that some or all of the costs incurred can be refunded to voters. :heart_eyes:


This is a great topic to explore, especially as the votes are starting to pick up speed.

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Literally was thinking similarly since we just had 3 votes happen at once… Either the DAO needs to reward members at a rate higher than we lose SOL or something like a refund should happen.

No offense but I aint tryna lose my moonbag (lets be honest our whole bag is a moonbag for SOL, right?!?) of SOL slowly voting to ramp up the DAO (regardless of hopes for it) …not during the bull… I want to know what $1 milly feels like, just to not sell any of it and lose it all during the bear then rinse-repeat in 6 years :^)

Anyway… good proposal… uh… “bullish on this proposal”


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It was surprising that so much SOL was expensed/collected in these votes, if it is possible, might be worth thinking about staking the collected SOL. This would help secure the network and in addition the rewards can go back to grow the Jupiter ecosystem or the rewards can go back to the participating community. Then to ensure everything is above board, quarterly reports or something similar can be published to give comfort to the community.


With enough voting can we make SOL deflationary? Each vote is a bullish lock up that brings us closer to ultrasound money!

Seriously though. Julian’s post makes an excellent point and this issue should definitely be addressed somehow. Which may just be a case of waiting until rent is lowered at the runtime level.


Agree. Had this very discussion with someone in Discord a while back.

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Exactly! Actually I don’t see the meaning of 3 separated votes, first, the 3 proposals can be combined just in one vote, it is quite simple and just need primary school level knowledge to design the vote options. second, there are 447215 address now in the voting system, each vote needs 0.00169 sol, which means if all users vote for these 3 proposals, it gonna cost us 0.001694472153=2267 sol, about 340,000 usdt, just for budgets around 220,000 usd. So how you guy think about the whole thing? Cost 340,000 u to decide if we can use 220,000??? None of you think it is ridiculous?