Bonus rewards for Jup stakers beyond June

As we approach the end of the first voting round on the JUP LFG platform, a proposal for active a loyal Jup voters should be proposed!

Here is my proposal

The Power of Loyalty

Loyalty in the staking world isn’t just about holding on to your assets; it’s about believing in the platform, its mission, and its future potential. To recognize and reward this dedication, we are introducing a tiered bonus system for our stakers:

  1. Continued Staking Bonus: Users who keep their stakes active beyond June will receive an additional percentage on top of their regular staking rewards. This bonus is designed to reward those who remain committed to the platform and continue to participate in the voting process.
  2. Tiered Loyalty Rewards: The longer you stake, the more you earn. Our tiered system will offer increasing bonus percentages for users who stake for consecutive rounds. For instance, staking through the second round might grant a 5% bonus, while staking through the third round could increase this bonus to 10%, and so on.
  3. Exclusive Benefits: Apart from the financial rewards, long-term stakers will gain access to exclusive benefits such as early access to new features, participation in beta testing, and special recognition within the JUP LFG community.

Why Continue Staking?

  1. Enhanced Rewards: By staking beyond June, you’re not just earning regular staking rewards; you’re also gaining bonus percentages that can significantly boost your overall earnings.
  2. Community and Influence: Continued participation ensures that your voice remains influential in the platform’s governance. Your votes help shape the future of JUP LFG, ensuring it aligns with the community’s vision.
  3. Sustainable Growth: Long-term staking contributes to the stability and growth of the platform, fostering a more robust and resilient ecosystem for all users.

So just more, more, more.

And where exactly is this extra 5% and 10% bonus supposed to come from?


Woah man.

I thought the same with $BONK, then BONK rewards came out and is showing to be successful. They also have their bonk dragon thing going on.

Personally, i feel unclaimed $JUP could contribute. Obv those figure of 5 and 10% were fictional proposals but it would be cool to see some sort of incentive.


I like the idea, but I had the same thought as BlueZenith, where does the extra bonus come from? I think the DAO treasury probably makes the most sense, but the unclaimed JUP could work also, depending on the numbers. What I mean by that for example, if there were only 100 unclaimed JUP (I know there is much more, just trying to make a point), that spread out across all those who extend their stake isn’t enough to motivate anyone.

I also think if there is a pool of tokens available, everyone should know how much that is. Without transparency, people feel like they were scammed or lied to if the allocation doesn’t come close to aligning with their expectations.

Regardless of the solution, there should be a strategy to motivate people to extend their stake, otherwise we might have a mass sell-off coming up soon.

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Hi bro, I strongly support this proposal for recognizing and rewarding loyal Jup voters on the JUP LFG platform. Implementing a tiered bonus system for continued staking and active participation not only incentivizes long-term commitment but also fosters a more engaged community. Exclusive benefits for long-term stakers add significant value and motivation.