ASR (Active Staking Rewards) Notes

Thats freaking brilliant. Kudos to that decision.

I am in for the long run. I appreciate this decision a lot. For me that is one of the most important decisions because as a Stakeholder I am not into short cuts. Even if I have a low amount of Jupiter I get rewarded and have no work because it will be staked automatically.

Thanks for the Notes. I appreciate the clarity.

Jup for Jup ! o7


I love this consideration, well-said and solid advice. I have always been saying that the voting incentive and staking incentive for whales are larger than those small-fries who may actually have an interest in partaking in DAO activties such as votes…this puts it in a good perspective

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Exciting to be a part of a DAO that encourages active participation from the community - J4J!


I really like ur talk about this and the potential solutions you provided, I had the exact concerns on this matter, but as team said and by whcih i’m convinced that it’s a theoritical issue after all which DAO or team have no control over, however Jupiter is well distribued and will face anything on its way to success !!


Bro really interesting, where can I research info and get this kind of ideas? I want to dive deeper in how all this tech works and how the thinking process to overcome any disadvantage is being done.

Hi! 0xSoju!
I have many questions to ask you:

  1. I have participated in Episode 2 of “JUPITER ACTIVITY” (I was not able to participate in Episode 1) providing liquidity to the project through swaps and I would like to know when I will be able to claim the JUPs of those SWAPs made.
  2. How do I get ASR rewards, is it for participating in voting? How do I find out when there are votes?
  3. Is there any other way to stakign with JUP? (I’m using Kamino)
    Thanks for your time!

Hello friend!

  1. I believe JUP has not released any details on what the next Jupuary rewards will look like, but it should be in January 2025.
  2. Follow their discord and twitter for vote updates, the next one is coming soon.
  3. You want the site for their governance voting/staking program

Respectfully disagreed as one of the top $JUP stakers.

There is no need to manipulate the market because retail already buys the top and sells the bottom naturally, without any manipulation being involved. Have carried out some research to back this point. Checkout this figure below.

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Interesting data, thanks for sharing @BTC

I also concur with your pov on the matter to a degree. I think it is somewhat of a stretch to work on proactive measures vs. somewhat assumed issues without using data points to back it.

It is great to have a proactive mindset, but we should also not start fighting windmills imo.

Otoh, @worza brought up a point that I think is valuable to discuss, perhaps in a separate forum thread, and that’s the 30D lockup period.

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I don’t quite understand this…

Do you mean every active stakers would be rewarded with JUP tokens
What about people who unstaked b4 this 15 days but participated in the voting… Would they still receive the rewards??

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I’m simply educating the fellow regarding his main point, no fighting involved from my end. Most market participants get rekt on their own without any whale groups needing to manipulate.

What part do you not agree with?

Also sorry what does this mean? “stretch to work on proactive measures vs. somewhat assumed issues without using data points to back it.”

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What I meant was that Worza mentioned proactive measures without backing it with datapoints, whereas you did. So I was supporting your pov related to that :slight_smile:


You have this logic inverted – it is because of market manipulation that retail buys the top and sells the bottom, because retail doesn’t define those moments in a market; whale groups do.

We can talk at length on this, but I feel it’s beside the main point. Main point being the longer-term runaway effect of compounding voting power as rewards for voting. It is something that encourages more concentration and scarcity of the circ supply – which is great something that you want to pump. Not so great as a voting token though – as you want a voting token to be more dispersed and decentralized. Here we have two incentives that are misaligned.

It never is an issue for new DAO’s, but it becomes one over time if there isn’t measures to either improve consensus through system design, or disperse the circ supply fast with new adoption than top holders are accumulating.

Its pretty strait forward – compounding the voting power by the rewards given to voters by weighted allocation of their voting power… yeah, not going to lead to a good outcome if you’re trying to build a DAO that has any real relevance with voting at all. Needs to be resolved.

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I’d say my data points can be to look at an matured DAO and their voting proposal history.

Typical outcome is votes either pass or fail with overwhelming “support” (tokens). But such results tell nothing about the community consensus.

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Study emotions in trading, then you’ll see how the market works.

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Agreed, thank you for clarifying!

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I guess my Psych degree doesn’t cut it, or the 7 years of trading experience :smiley: Yes I am already well versed in Elliot Wave theory.

Lets keep on topic though; you have not shared your view on the core point about compounding voting power Vs. greater decentralization and consensus. As you have stated, you’re one of the “Top Stakers” – this just tells me to be more mindful of bias.


I completely agree. Well stated.


Great data presentation and sure had me surprised. Thank you fren!


Thank you, rather valuable chart when we were at $0.45 as we could see a clear indication of accumulation on exchanges* and clear selling from those airdropped on-chain (with the largest selling being from retail with <10k $JUP).

*accumulation on exchanges shown by wallets with >2mil $JUP.