WNS Updates (0.1.0)

WNS Updates


It has been just over a month since the release of WNS v0.0.0 with Meow’s initial poem and we have seen incredible support from the community on the continued development of core infrastructure, supporting tooling, and preliminary NFT collections.


  • WNS 0.0.1 released including royalty support and collections
  • AssetDash launches the Elements collection using WNS 0.0.1
  • Tensor integrates WNS 0.0.1 for trading support
  • Helius adds WNS support to DAS API
  • Phantom adds support for WNS collections and transfers
  • Royalties Claim site goes live

Creator Adoption

We have held off on significant WNS creator pushes while core protocol features are tested and critical integrations are still missing. We’ve had a few early projects build on WNS, most notably AssetDash Elements, a 10k supply PFP collection by the AssetDash team that involved burning their genesis NFT in exchange for a WNS NFT. There are a number of new projects that will be launching over the next several weeks as the more robust features of WNS are released.

Major Integrations

WNS support has been added to a number of high profile applications and many more are on the way. Tensor has added trading support to allow WNS collections that want to be traded to have a world-class venue for it. Phantom has added support for both WNS collections as well as transfers. Other critical integrations to date include both Backpack wallet and Helius DAS API. We have a number of exciting integrations that will be announced, follow along with our list of integrations and supporting protocols here.

WNS 0.1.0

After taking feedback from nearly 50 creators, it was clear the initial version of WNS was missing a set of crucial features that restricted adoption of the standard for most use cases. Across versions 0.0.1, 0.0.2, and 0.1.0, we were able to make significant upgrades to WNS and supporting infrastructure including:

  • NFT Collections
  • Transfer hook enforced royalties
  • Creator royalty distribution claims
  • Metadata modifications
  • Closable Mint Accounts
  • Permanent Delegate Support
  • Security program and bug bounty
  • Initial Developer documentation

Follow along with new developments here.

Other Development Updates

Thanks to the support of the community we’ve spun up a number of new supporting protocols and new games, tools, and apps that support WNS. While the majority of these will remain private until their live, the WNS royalty claim site is live for creators who want to withdraw their accrued royalties. More robust testing and example scripts have been implemented as well as a Node SDK.

Future Developments + RFPs

There are a number of upcoming tools we are working to build on top of WNS including a CLI, mint contract, and staking site. We’re continuing to take feedback from the community on additional features to add to the core of WNS.

Getting involved

If you are interested in giving feedback or contributing to WNS, please don’t hesitate to join the Wen discord and access the Developer section or message here. We are supporting strong teams with grants and other resources to support projects building tools or products on top of WNS.


Curious – why is permanent delegate included? Are you planning on doing anything interesting with that?

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Hello there 🫶🏻, would this be the appropriate place to ask about confirmation whether the first bullet (see below) from the LST description available on Sanctum is still happening? If yes, are there any timelines available, and do we need to meet any specific conditions in order to secure/claim the mentioned AD and rewards?

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