What does Jup 4 Jup mean?

Hi cadets,

Were Meow just announced the following:

"For June, we will hold a series of special planetary calls before returning to the usual format in July.

1st week: PPP with awesome solana communities
2nd week: Major JUP & J4J proposal
3rd week: Product and ecosystem review
4th week: _________

More deets and exact timings soon!"Tweet

Im excited! but does someone mind elaborating on what Jup 4 Jup means??! :tada: :ringer_planet: :ringer_planet:


It means getting more $JUP tokens into the hands of the people that are part of the Jupiverse.


One of the truly amazing parts about web3 blogs is the high level of spirit within the communities! I am so glad that i have found the time to learn and invest in my two new favorite communities… this community & aptos! it’s great! finally building a foundation that will stick! WooHoo!!


That looks like a beautiful line up in June heading into July.

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What is PPP? Happy to be a part of this community.


Player PUMP Player.

Supporting each other, over the current PVP mentality in the space.

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