Weekly PPP Airdrop

Proposal to JUP

Weekly PPP Exercise by JUP


  1. Users: Gain access to more valuable airdrops and have a say in the rewards.
  2. Projects: Achieve greater exposure and save on advertising and marketing costs.
  3. JUP: Increase activity on the exchange, thereby boosting fee revenue and validator
  4. Community: Foster a thriving and engaged community through active participation and

Validator Earnings Distribution: JUP will distribute 50% (or up to 100% in certain
cases) of its validator earnings every Friday. (Or they can fund it from community allocation. i d love validator earnings. no burdon on jup)
Collaborations: Entities like JITO and HSOL may collaborate and share their earnings
to enhance the reward pool considering it as an advertising cost.

Proposal Submission: Projects can submit proposals to win the reward by committing
an equivalent or higher amount of SOL for airdrops in their or any token.
Exposure: Projects will gain exposure to the SOL and JUP community, significantly
reducing their advertising and marketing costs.
Eligibility: Projects must have a minimum market cap of $10 million USD to submit a
Submission Fee: Projects must pay a fee of 50-100 SOL to submit a proposal.
Reward Distribution: All committed and collected amounts will go to the winning project
after a community vote. The winning project will conduct the airdrop over the weekend,
with voting occurring on Friday night and the airdrop on Monday morning to kickstart the
Listing Schedule: Projects will start listing on Tuesday, allowing the community to
review and consider them before the voting process.

Active Stake Reward (ASR): Only JUPSOL or JUP stakers who participate in voting will
be eligible for rewards, ensuring active engagement and stake.
Feedback Mechanism: After each airdrop, voters will provide feedback on a
dislike-to-happy scale, enabling continuous improvement of future airdrops.

Monthly PPP Exercise by JUP (fund from 10% of community contributor allocation)
Monthly Airdrops for Community Contributors: Airdrops for “community-serving”
accounts will be held once a month, powered by community votes. These can reward
individuals like ZachXBT for their investigative work or other community members
contributing to the JUP ecosystem’s growth and presence on social media.
Recognition and Rewards: Community members who actively participate and
contribute will be recognized and rewarded, fostering a sense of belonging and

Overall Benefits:
Empowered Community: JUP’s voting system empowers the community, making them
active participants in the decision-making process and ensuring their voices are heard.
Enhanced Engagement: By involving the community in voting and feedback, JUP
ensures continuous engagement and improvement.
Balanced Ecosystem: This proposal ensures that users, projects, JUP, and the
community all benefit, creating a balanced and sustainable ecosystem.

Proposed by :

X @umarslaar
sol addy: BMgz5grWtsgHsoPnrczXZdhDgT3wBSufNjyYU5jFyFrs
(NFTs and memecoins are welcome)


I don’t really see what’s supposedly ‘PPP’ about this proposal, but more importantly you are suggesting to take the earnings from from the validator, and I don’t think you’ve thought this through.

Because in doing so, you are removing most of the JupSol APY. Liquid Stake Tokens earns their APY on the profits of the validator. JupSol is additionally boosted with priority fees earned from the validator, but without the base earnings I don’t think it qualifies as an LST. I don’t know what the full ramifications of this would be, but I imagine JupSol holders would be furious.


Thank you for reviewing and bringing up questions. One option for validator earnings could be to start with only MEV or TIPs earnings, or even less. The idea is to conduct a weekly exercise to reward engagement. PPP means that everyone participating in the exercise will benefit. Exchanges will gain more activity, projects will receive more exposure, and users will earn more rewards, especially in the short term. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.

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