Uplink WG Budget Voting Analysis

For those interested, here is a breakdown of the Uplink Working Group Budget Vote by wallet size and unique address. Thanks to @jackguy for the raw data.

NOTE: This data seems to include approx. 393 more “for” votes, hence the slight difference in Total Votes and For Votes versus the governance site totals.

The top half of the chart is by “Staked JUP” (which in some people’s opinion should favor large holders being able to control the outcome) and the bottom half is by “Unique Address” (which would correlate more to one vote per person).

The thing that jumps out the most for me, is that in both cases, 71% voted in favor.

06/21/24 Corrected the percentage of staked JUP that voted.

For those that prefer charts to spreadsheets:


Thank you for doing this analysis and sharing the results! Very interesting to see!
I hope we can do more to get folks out of the “Abstain” category and into “For” or “Against.” Interesting to note that the %ages in the “Abstain” category decrease from Small to Medium to Large.


I love this! Seeing how larger and smaller wallets voted very similar is interesting, and I hope we can continue with these in the future.

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