If we look at the coins released by Jupiter LFG, most of them never reach their initial peaks again, and some have dropped by 80%. We need to address this situation and somehow ensure the success of these launched projects. Alternatively, we should impose stricter conditions for the coins to be listed on the LFG ramp. We must launch genuinely good projects. I don’t want the LFG ramp to be just a place where we receive rewards every three months. I want the LFG ramp to have a certain status. Because it seems that after the Jupiter tokens distributed as rewards run out in 6 months, the LFG ramp will have no importance.


The value of a token is not dependent on how high the price is. I am not a blockchain or crypto expert but if that’s what anyone values a token on, then that approach itself is useless. There are a lot of important crypto projects that provide incredible value for crypto in general but will never and have never seen the price appreciation that some memes have had or will continue to. Every project that’s voted on the LFG launchpad based on it values will contribute something to accelerate the Meta goal. That’s all that matters to me whether price appreciation or not but we all will benefit directly or indirectly as the pie grows.

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I see it like Jupumut. But iam coming from the investment perspektive and the technical perspektiv. I like to follow projekts wich add value to the ecosystem or wich have a good and interesting utility, a produkt we can use. But: If this projects decide to do it with a “token”, because thats not necessary in any product, than the token should have a reason and a need and the project should be interested to reward early investors and early community members and thats why the price should increase over time with the success of the project. There is a connection between the project and the token or there sould be a connection when the project decides to do it with a token. So increasing price should come with a successfull project, otherwise it makes no sense.

And if its not connected, lets say the project itself is very successfull on the equity side and in its business model, but the token is worthless over time, it was just making money from investors to sell a token what is not connected to the project or the company itself.

It is not just about the price, but your approach is wrong. The project might be good, but if the token is unnecessary, and people don’t feel the need to buy, hold, or use it, then the quality of the project unfortunately doesn’t matter.They issue tokens to establish a DAO, but these tokens have no functionality. Therefore, even if the project is good, if the token is useless, the LFG launch ramp will still be poorly regarded.

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You make a great point about coins released and their value dropping by 80%! Besides the suggestions you brought up, community members and those who invest need to look at the bigger picture of creating value as opposed to making a quick buck by selling off during an initial run! I’ve seen this happen time and again…