Introducing Claimpad

During the WEN and JUP launches, we ended up building a claim process which could scale and handle thousands of airdrop claims per minute

This involved optimizing for sending transactions, and minimizing RPC calls when loading the site, etc.

We realized that many quality teams like Tensor wanted to launch a token, but found it too time consuming to reinvent the wheel by developing their own battle hardened airdrop mechanism.

We seek to help these teams distribute their tokens safely and reliably to large groups of people. This not only would allow their users to safely claim tokens in a smooth manner, but also it would bring more volume to Jupiter’s trading products (Swap, DCA, LO) for new tokens in a mutually beneficial manner

We thus offer Claimpad— a repeatable process where Jupiter helps top teams on Solana to distribute their tokens, by tapping into its powerful infrastructure and know-how

We offer this to our close ecosystem partners, and projects where airdrop recipients have a large overlap with Jupiter stakers and users. Additionally, if the team is well-known or is willing to provide a small grant to the Jupiter DAO, we would consider supporting them as well.

These sites will be held at, starting with Tensor at Expect to see more quality projects airdropping their tokens with Claimpad!

If you’re interested in Claimpad, reach out to Soju here.


This is actually a pretty good idea, given that airdrop contracts are a hassle to build from scratch. 2 follow up questions:

  • Do you plan to collect fees from claim usage? Maybe a minor fee could help the JUP ecosystem overall
  • Do you plan on enhancing the claim page by helping teams fight against the sybils and etc. I do see JUP ecosystem expanding into the “Earn” and etc. areas?

I already sent a message on Telegram, we are developing several projects and we are interested in collaboration, and in using the claim system.

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There’s two ways we try to benefit the JUP ecosystem:

  1. Ensuring that the airdrop also goes significantly towards Jupiter users, stakers or voters.
  2. Collect a small grant that goes towards the JUP DAO, and the DAO can figure out how to utilize it afterwards.

I think that’s sufficient, let me know what you think?

Also, anti-sybil is not on the cards for now, but we are working on other features that teams have asked for.

Thanks for your response. Yes makes sense. One idea would be to add additional fair launch fees for the teams that require advanced fees, such as proof of humanity, or other earn functions as part of the claim. But overall great job, happy to be part of the community.