Introducing Ambient: The Environmental DePIN on Solana

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It sure will. Just make sure that the project actually is DePIN and not just cashing in on the buzz.


Thanks BlueZenith! The network that Ambient acquired, PlanetWatch, is one of the OG DePINs and we’ll return to selling hardware sensors between Q3 and Q4 with the relaunch of our storefront. We also see value in a hybrid approach that will onboard new users via mobile apps, acting as a funnel to sensor ownership, and to reward them for helping fill in some gaps in our environmental map!


The sensor network of Ambient builds upon an existing network that was always called a DePIN by it’s users, without the network even using that phrase.

Given that the hardware and node infrastructure exists, runs and is actively pushing data from sensors that are rewarded on chain and the devices are in decentralized ownership of users, what about it is actually not ALREADY DePIN?

For the migration the device sales are paused, the backend is bolstered and new simplified onboarding will be introduced. From a foundation of a Web3-esque Citizen Science model, Ambient is rebuilding the very framework to leverage an advanced business model, targeted at primarily selling the data and added services to increase the utility and yield for all network participants.

DePIN is not used by Ambient to attract attention, it really is what the own community wants it to be called. And they want that because it is the only thing that really makes sense.


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Looking forward to seeing that AmbiGo application!


Looking forward to the new venture!

Will there be also the T1 (Airqino) sensor included?


Enjoyed this preview! There are a lot of serious industry players and valuable experience with this team. Excited to see how the many successes from PW can be expanded upon as this scales on Solana. Good things ahead, no doubt!


Great news! This will be very interesting year for Ambient network. Come by and say hi in discord.


Hello @CryptoXBjorn !

Yes the T1 Airqino outdoor sensor will be included! The current network will be utilized in the new Ambient Network setup. Some things will change but I am sure these changes will be appreciated as everything is aimed at simplification and better clarity for the sensor owners. There are big plans for things like the new explorer and dashboard and the Ambient Team is looking forward to present it to the DePIN savvy sensor owners.


We welcome everyone to check out the company and team portfolio, see our latest announcements on X, and especially to come by our Discord, to dive into the topic and participate early!


It’s good to see the token is launching with a utility, as a Helium, PW, and Jup user, I’m excited for this project! any presale options before the TGE?


As it will be about migrating the existing PW userbase and sensor-network, a smooth onboard flow onto Solana and especially less entry barriers, it is safe to say that it is mostly about sensor based participation and not so much token aquisition initially. It will be a frictionless full scale market entry, especially since the seed investment is already closed and was rather saturated.


Hello everyone. I am the Community Lead from Ambient Network and we have a a cool Token Airdrop Sweepstake Raffle Growth Campaign running on Gleam-io!

Direct link to the campaign on Gleam:

X (Twitter) tweet about the Campaign:

Campaign details:
85 day runtime,
entries via actions
(like-follow-retweet on twitter, visit website, visit Youtube, join Discord, follow on Medium, define SOL wallet address etc.) for raffle tickets.

Contest is open worldwide

Total Prizepool 8500 Ambient Tokens on Solana

36 winners random draw total = 1x 1000 tokens, 10x 500 Tokens, 25x 100 Tokens.

Prize distribution: 2-3 weeks after TGE (Q3 2024 see roadmap: directly to SOL wallets addresses

Started: 2 hours ago Ends: Ends: 5th September 2024 - 11:59 PM CET


Thanks RaptorTech, we’re exploring presale options at the moment, will announce them across our social channels if we find the right opportunity so make sure to follow us! See Merlin’s links above ^^^^^


:studio_microphone:Tune in! Luca Franchi @LuckyLuca

CEO of Ambient Network, shares insights on @CryptoCoinShow

:speech_balloon:"We have a plan to start capturing these additional environmental metrics with new sensors"


Can’t wait for the Storefront, this will be very interesting getting involved in this project, especially for Indoor Air Quality monitoring. I see this becoming a pillar for air quality moving forward, especially with all the building rating programs around the world like WELL, NABERS IE, LEED, etc.


How many sensors would there need to be to reach critical mass globally? What is the total addressable market for this data and how will it grow over time?

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I (or someone else from team) will give some raw number figures in the coming week as right now I am already on the road because it is weekend. So bear with me if I just give the high level take now without defining numbers.

The critical mass will have the relative perspective of “already with the existing network of our working sensors the high precision, real time and hyper local data is very marketable” and of course with growing numbers it elevates this aspect". The one side of it is the pure DePIN growth, with it’s own critical mass and pivot points, but generally speaking the air-quality market has competitors and other players with their own networks, even if not quite that size. Now but are the competitors always just brute competiton? Or how much of them have the potential to be future partners, data traders or simply want to co-mingle to get the access to the DePIN narrative and underlying growth? Hard to put a raw stamp on this.

The addressable Market is expected to grow to $40 billion in 2030 in terms of environmental monitoring industry. That market was evaluated in 2020 at $20 billion. But of course this is a “big data” figure which is spread among many different aspects of the market.

Some things are even hard to substantiate, as on side of data fusion and co-selling we have new defining customers. Just look at Bing’s weather and AQ map which sources from satellites and sensors, or Google Map starting to incorporate AQ metrics.

While some adoptions on governmental side were rather sluggish in the last 3 years, now soon certain criteria defining mandatory policies kick in at end of 2024 and early 2025 that especially in EU require to utilize this data for decision making processes.

And while the governmental entities overslept the last 3 years, now they are starting to move. Big innovative players like Bing, Google and the likes, are were kicking in high gear already a year ago.

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