Games and creativity for the community

Hi all. This is my first post here, please don’t throw tomatoes too much :smile:

Get to the point.
I would like to suggest adding various games and quizzes for the community for small rewards.
For example, online poker, other online games such as shooters (if we have a lot of gamers), quizzes on knowledge of the Jupiter ecosystem, various quick quizzes, riddles.
It is enough to organize this kind of event once a week and the community will be more united and add variety to dull everyday life.
You can also organize competitions between other communities to attract and exchange new users.
Funds can be taken from unclaimed ASR balances.

I also wanted to suggest creating a thread in discord with creativity.
These can be pictures, memes, songs, jokes, poems related to Jupiter.
The best works could be used in Twitter(X) posts, in discord announcements, maybe even on the website.
I noticed that there was a similar thread, but why was it closed?

For example, my new poem

On Jupiter’s surface, where storms rage wild,
The cat explores, with curiosity undefiled.
In a spacesuit of silver, it leaps and bounds,
Exploring craters and alien grounds.

Thank you for your attention!


I would like too, understand why channel (Discord) is closed.

I don’t think paying for games is a good idea. You’ll have a whole bunch of people coming in just for that, I’ve had the opportunity to see how it goes elsewhere. I don’t want this kind of behavior to be encouraged so as a result, I don’t think any incentives of this nature should be considered.

Thank you for your poem, I have a French language culture, but I was able to appreciate the translation as well as your rhymes :slightly_smiling_face:


I wouldnt mind a Jupiter run poker match with prizes ect.


I once randomly saw on Jupiter Discord a few guys playing chess rounds there in a live chat, like all were in by audio but the screen was the chess game.

I mean I get it that users would really love things with real tokens and all, but honestly I rather have no pressure and would just play for some random “jelly beans” meaningless in game or “in Discord” currency, or reputation points or something.

Bottomline, Poker for example, with the right people does not only make for a game with more players, but also is much more entertaining for an audience but also for players that do banter and do not play it at max seriousness and savageness.

I would love to have that situation once where I just play a round or two and then some challenger enters on next round like you that I know.

I think especially for people that come across each other on Discord or the forums here, having games would really elevate the fun and knowing each other.


It’s always like this in the market, a lot of people come, some leave, and some stay with the project. This is why such competitions are held. It’s like advertising conversion. Thanks for rating the poem :blush:


I do not think it makes sense to do it officially from the JUP project, because usually such events are conducting new projects to recruit an audience, give a hype, etc. and Jup is not need this now.

It would be a better idea to make the opportunity to make the events from community members, moderators and make for this a platform or restore the Discord

And about Discord i agree, it is a nice tool for receiving news and supporting audience.