ASR Retrospective & Feedback #1

1. I liked that it was smooth and really nicely done.
2. Launchpad needs to change. Make it so those staking JUP get to be able to buy the tokens at a cheaper price than TGE with a max limit of course, or with a TIERed system depending on your amount of JUP staked you get to buy more USDC worth of the token at a very cheap price, like most successful launchpads do. This way, JUP becomes more valuable.

The current launchpad system is not working, we could blame it on the fact that memecoins are extracting all the liquidity from “would be” investors, but we have to admit the current launchpad system needs improvement, because on the ASR, the only token worth claiming was JUP.

If we want to make JUP more valuable and desirable, make the launchpad favorable for JUP stakers. Therefore, staking JUP would not only give you voting power, but also access to buy launchpad tokens at a lower price than TGE. Double win.


Honestly, only JUP tokens are worth the effort. Please increase the LFG fees are other token wanting to use the launch pad or they should have increase allocation to JUP Users.
Secondlly, we can do similar thing as BONK. 1X your stack JUP in 3 months, 1.5X in 6 months and 2X in 12 months. Afther that you decrease the reward
Lastly, lets have bulk claim instead of users paying fees for every claim initiated or simply drop the LFG tokens into our Phantom wallet and allow only JUP rewards to be claim

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Hello friends
The concept is noble but it’s concerning that the overwhelming majority of the ASR reward is JUP and not the projects being voted on. Combined with the slowing cadence of things to vote on the DAO feels like a solution still in search of a problem. It’s great that you’re giving these projects exposure but if 95% of the reward is just JUP it’s essentially ponzinomics, is it not?
I want to suggest these projects be expected to provide a far greater percentage of the total ASR reward, but the slowing cadence suggests there isn’t enough demand to justify it.

What made the initial JUP drop great, was that it rewarded everyone who used the platform as intended. Currently, as intended is hold JUP and press button once a month to get more JUP. Might as well integrate sol-incinerator for the other tokens.
Gating some JUP behind launched platform usage may help but comes with its own problems. I’m not sure there’s a silver bullet solution.

P.S. Town halls should be on twitter/x and recorded. There’s no point doing a town hall that nobody can listen to.

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i thought it went fairly smooth, altho gas fees were higher than usual it felt like but besides that, i am staking more $JUP because if you could start rolling out monthly rewards instead of quarterly might bring more stakers

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At first For me as a binance web3 user i had big problems claiming my rewards.

Since i was not able to open the claim site by opening the link within binance app and there is no way to type url manually I tried to connect my wallet via wallet connect by opening claim site in safari but unfortunately this didnt work either. I could not connect.

Once jupiter exchange showed a popup window in swap site which referred to claiming site i was able to claim my rewards.

So first i was afraid of getting nothing but then fortunately it worked for me and i have to say except of the beginning issue i faced it was a good and fair distribution and nothing complicated in claiming.

I‘m happy to be a part of Jupiter you all do a great job
Thank you :smiley:

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I think having a claim all instead of having to claim each token separately would be ideal. I also think that similar to when a vote occurs we should get a pop up on the swap page so we have a quicker route to get to the rewards page. I had to go to the official twitter to find the URL to get to the reward page.

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I will start with the simple notes:

  • The ASR rewards page should be included on the main menu of the home page (or somewhere else on the home page, clearly visible). This will reduce the risk of people going into scam sites and makes it easier for everyone to get in to the right page without having to check from the Twitter for example.
  • I noticed that admins had to answer quite often why someone couldn’t claim rewards (me included LOL) and the answer was, one should have enough SOL in the wallet. So there could be a pop up on the claim page to give simple instructions (1. have enough SOL in the wallet 2. if you get this error, it is most likely because of this 3. etc). Saves the time for the mods and the community members.
  • Someone already mentioned that TownHalls should be held somewhere else so people could listen to them if they can’t participate on Discord. I for example would like to hear some of the Town Halls but for example the ASR TownHall was 5am my time.

Then, I’ve seen some great suggestions already on how to bring more value for JUP and I think we have to put little more focus on that as the expenditures are also increasing and causing some sell pressure at some point. I liked the idea that the voting power/rewards would have weight based on how long people have been staking. I was also thinking that the airdropped tokens could have vesting but some of the tokens would get released on the launch. This way our tokens would be more valuable as we would be able to sell/provideliquidity etc. (if we want) right in the beginning when token prices in general are higher. It would also be worth considering to raise the fee from 1%. I was also thinking if LFG projects were forced to buy some amount of JUP, which would then be dropped as ASR on top of the project token. This would give some extra boost for the JUP demand. There could also be some negotiations for Jupiter core to receive some vested LFG tokens and provide JUP for the project, who would use all that JUP as a partial ASR.

The DAO has been improving as well as the product but the JUP is still the same then before. Therefore I think we have to focus littlebit more to bring more value for the JUP token next.

Overall, a great experience and very bullish for Jupiter and JUP. :rocket: :metal:


I am also for the one click to claim all.


I’ve done a dash to track exactly that.

Around 12M $JUP left to claim.


The idea with the multiplier for how long someone has been staking sounds good for me too


I think we should have an option where we can just receive everything in JUP only. also all platform fees from other teams should be paid in JUP IMO


Difficult to implement plus, im excited to be receiving some of the tokens of the next ASR distributions!

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Agreed on the confusion with claims. Seems odd that the team didn’t have a more straightforward claim process. Maybe they intentionally want it to be difficult so only truly active catdets find it lol.

I like the idea of getting projects that want to use Jupiter DAO to buy JUP from the market and then have those tokens distributed as ASR to voters (as well as treasury airdrop). Projects could market buy JUP and lock it somewhere while voting process occurs. It would incentivize teams to buy more JUP off the market to gain more votes. Teams can already do that by buying JUP and voting for themselves, so they should pay voters instead. This is also why a time-based staking/voting process matters, you need people to be personally invested. Projects using DAO should pay for the exposure, and DAO members should prosper from this.

The DAO should be strictly focused on benefiting JUP and voters, not other project tokens. I’m not entirely sure how this plays out, but I’d prefer ASR to be only JUP, have LFG candidates bring value to JUP, and have LFG candidate tokens revolve around the LFG process.


3 day voting window caught me off guard
so I missed 1st & 9th vote
reduced my ASR to 13%
understand that this is about active engagement & attention
appreciate the heads up for when to look for Votes #1 #2 #3 in the next round (IF we vote ASR continues ofc :wink:

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