Zerobois interviewing lfg candidates to increase awareness (and have fun)


Zerobois are Navy SEALs of Crypto/Jupiter who reside in the Mockjup subchannel in Jupiter Discord. It’s a counter-crypto culture of not fretting over crypto prices and having fun with memes.


Inviting selected LFG candidate projects’ representatives to voice spaces on convenient social media channels to talk about their project in a casual and fun, yet informative way.

Benefits of doing this to LFG:

It increases awareness of LFG candidates among voters, most Zerobois are Jupholders and first testers of LFG, and several Zerobois are also Cats Of Culture too.

So these spaces would result in interesting Q/As and ultimately lead to an increased voter turnout.

**Benefits to Zerobois: **

It gives them something to engage in and come together as a community.

Past accomplishments of Zerobois that reflect their genuineness:

Meow assigned an intern to build Zerohub, which that intern failed to build it, but a Zeroboi built it alone without asking for any compensation.

TommyEgan conducted his first video exercise session on Discord in Zer0chat a few days ago and there could be a separate proposal to have it conducted for the whole Jup discord.

Julianhzhu has upheld the ethos handed down by Meow of keeping all activity of Mockjup free from Moonboi-ing, pumps and dumps, and other anxious activities of trying to pump token price typically involved in memecoin culture.

This proposal is another step towards doing something fun and productive among other numerous things Zerobois will do for Jup and the crypto community at large, but with no expectations and focusing more on keeping everything fun and light-hearted.

Thank you for your time.


zer0 culture is the best!

One question if I may: How would these spaces differ from the ones that UWG does with upcoming projects?


Interesting idea, there are a few more advantages that I’d like to emphasize.

  • I have seen posts regarding people being unable to attend the normal cwg hosted events. These additional interviews might meet those demands.

  • Candidates who have been in multiple rounds of voting noted that they benefited from multiple AMA / interviews. This highlighted weakness or gaps in their messaging or proposals, and allows for further polishing of their messaging.

  • The above advantages could be had without increasing the already stretched workload of the cwg.

Lastly, and where I see the the most mutual benefit would be a tiered approach to interviews/AMAs. Zero interviews could be conducted with candidates in the selection process prior to being selected for voting. This could encourage more community involvement to the candidate selection process, and offer more community perspectives for the cwg to consider as they select lfg candidates.


It would be a very simple affair.

We will give the Candidates a spot to describe themselves however they want and there will be Q/A in between and at the end.

The idea is to not put them in a seat of judgment but to share information and keep it light.

We can ask them to prepare a 10-15 min speech and try to keep soft time limits on the main thing, to respect everyone’s time, and then we can keep Q/A or ending session as long as the speakers want.

So a rough idea:

-use twitter preferably

-Saying hellos

  • giving a pre-prepare speech that would be uninterrupted,
    <the above will save time for people who can’t hang around on twitter all day, whether they are listening live or recording>

  • then taking questions and engaging in dialogue

  • ending session which will be free-flowing.

the above is a crude Idea and the way of conducting it is not set in stone. But some things that will be kept in mind

being non-judgmental

not doing anything that will hurt the reputation of Candidates, Jupiter, or Zerobois.

Not making any demands, not making the guests or anyone uncomfortable


Excellent points!

Very interesting points again

I avoided this route because I thought then it would sound like we are somehow trying to ‘influence’ the whole thing

but the way you put it, there could surely be a way to keep it non-influential

like interviewing only the people who made proposals under LFG tags

This really could be a great addition and is worth considering seriously

Thanks for bringing this up!

stay away from promises, stay away from green candles! we are zer0