WWG - Space Station Updates Thread

Welcome to the Space Station Updates Thread!


To better organize our efforts with the Jupiter Space Station, we will be posting all release notes here. New posts will be added to this thread to help relay the progress being made with our work on the Station


Our strategy required us to first understanding everything stored on the Space Station currently, identifying and removing outdated or unnecessary pages, and reorganizing the content logically from top to bottom. After the restructure, we will fill the Station with all relevant content and establish a clear delineation for the content better suited for Jup.Eco.

First Update

Our first Space Station update went live yesterday including significant restructuring and outdated content removal. You can view the PR Here

WWG Branch Merge Updates

  • Station Navigation Bar
    – Removed J.U.P., Labs, Start, and Blog tabs based on research and feedback to streamline navigation.
  • Collapsed Sidebar
    –Defaulted to a collapsed sidebar for a cleaner interface.

  • V6 API Documentation enhancements
    – Included short video clips for the V6 API docs.

  • Moved Perpetuals User Guide
    – Relocated the Perpetuals user guide from the Start category to the Guides section.

  • Complete Content Review
    – Reviewed and updated all pages for content accuracy and readability.

  • SEO Meta-tags
    – Created and added SEO meta-tags for all Space Station pages.

Big thanks goes out to @9yointern @0xSoju and all of the WWG members who collaborated on these updates. As we continue work on the Space Station, future updates will be more focused on usability and content-related enhancements.

Current Backlog

  • Developing a custom mega-menu for the navigation bar tabs.
  • Enhancing user guides with updated UI imagery and feature descriptions.
  • Add in missing feature guides and technical documentation.

Please join us at our working sessions held in Discord if you have feedback or ideas to help make the Space Station even better!

jwg #wwg


Thanks for these updates. It helps us keep up to date with work done & changes made.


Space Station Update - Link to PR

A new Space Station update went live today, which included some major updates including:

  1. Reworked the Swap Guide
  2. Further updates to the API Documentation
  3. Located API Swagger docs and added link to the top nav. (these may be relocated in future, but we needed to make these super obvious so people know they exist.)
  4. Fixed some additional broken links and text edits.

Let us know what you think of our progress so far. Please share any feedback with us in the #wwg discord channel.


**Space Station Update - Link to PR **

Our most recent PR went live today with some big updates. Below is an update on the structural and content changes that were included.

Moved Content:

  • Added redirects to forward any previously dead links to the content in its new location
  • Perpetual Exchange content has been moved under the Guides category
  • Content from the Start and Labs tabs was hidden for now, but we in the process of relocating those pages with refreshed content.
  • Listening to community feedback we felt the blog content needed to be accessible, so the Blog was re-added to the top nav bar and the pages are once again available.

Content Updates:

  • Updated content across a number of guides and technical docs pages including:
    – Docs - V6 Swap API
    – Docs - Limit-Order API
    – Docs - Payments API
    – Guides - Limit Order - How to Use Limit Order - New images and updated details
    – Guides - DCA - How to use DCA - New images and updated details
    – Guides - Perpetual Exchange Overview - New images and updated details

New Pages:

  • Guides - JLP Overview, How JLP Works, How to Get JLP

Shoutout to @Hi_Im_Tim @C_V @BlueZenith for their help wrangling details, researching content and proof reading!

There are more updates coming to the Space Station and we are looking for feedback as we work through the site. Let us know what is working and what could be better!

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