What do you like or dislike about The Jupiter Ecosystem?

I’m a simpleton who simply wants to simplify the simplest of things.

So what’s on your mind?

Simply tell me what you like? Or dislike about the ecosystem? Let’s start a discussion for the simpletons !


I love that solona works together and makes a perfect ecosystem that has continuous growth.



I’ll keep it simple. I like that the interface is much quicker and more reliable than Raydium, which is what I originally used to trade just-launched coins, however Jupiter fails to find some of these newly-launched coins so I’m forced to use Raydium or BonkBot to trade those in the beginning. It would be a big step to be able to trade on the Jupiter platform as soon as the coin goes live.

Probably the feature I use and value the most is the Limit Order feature. My preference, however, would be that the limit trade threshold be reduced from $5 to $1. The reason is that I have hundreds of different coins worth with low volumes that are worth less than $5, and I would appreciate the opportunity to enter Limit Orders for those assets so that I can catch big upside movements when I’m not paying attention. That being said, the Limit Order feature is what makes Jupiter my go-to, so continue to support that feature, please.

Hi @SirNeoGio,

Currently my favorite is the Jupiter Perps. I do notice delays (BETA) but it hasn’t affected me negatively. It’s super intuitive for a newbie like myself and setting TP/SL works great.


There should be more proper checks on scanners bringing new coins on Dec and we sell it on jup