Twitter/Tik-tok/Youtube Video Content Working Group

Twitter/Tik-Tok/Youtube Working Group

MISSION: Simplify the complexities of DAO governance into digestible content to educate the Solana ecosystem and inspire new solutions for the DAO through creative content strategies: twitter videos,tik-tok,youtube.

Thoughts/thesis: DAO’s are innately quite challenging. Do we vote on every single little change in personnel or policy? Do we allow elected officials to set the precedent and make certain decisions on their own? I don’t think anyone has a perfect answer yet, but what I do know is more education, discussions, and content surrounding these concepts will bring more understanding, attention, and brainpower to the community and JUP mission. We think creative video content can be more captivating/marketable to our audience and inspire independent thought when voting and participating in the DAO.

SUMMARY: We are trying to make super nerdy DAO jargon into easy to understand content and bring mindshare to the JUP Ecosystem. We want to create video content for every single proposal that hits the JUP governance platform as well as DAO functions/mechanisms. e.g. Video content for the new blind voting mechanism in a digestible and fun creation style.


The initial proposal from CWG group clearly raised a lot of questions and skepticism from notable members in the Solana community. A lot of heavy hitters were on the timeline trashing the proposal. This is good. This means people care. Not only was the CWG’s motives in question, but the JUP DAO’s organization and voting structure was in question. Digestible content: short form twitter videos, youtube tutorial videos, and tiktok videos focusing on the nuts and bolts could help educate the community on how to vote and participate,inspire new solutions for the DAO, and attract more brilliant minds to the Jupiter ecosystem.

SUMMARY: I think there is a strong need for this type of content. The CWG has a TON on their plate. They are trying to produce content for every new project on LFG launchpad, complete administrative work, and manage the discord and research forum. I see our CWG as the lubricant of the DAO where the CWG is the motor.

Becc Bio

I’m becc- i’ve been making content on solana for the past 2 years. i love the idea of mixing entertainment and education and making things super easy and fun to understand. im driven by content and the idea that we can change the world through our teachings. i absolutely love to experiment and know with the right tools and brains by my side, we can build some sweet shit. bullish on growing the jup pie and being part of such a cool community.

Leland the Hustle Bio:

  • My name is Leland, I am 34 years old. I am based out of the United States and am on EST. I have been a top performer in the automotive sales industry for 11 years. I entered the crypto space in 2020 and have been a community member of the Solana Ecosystem since early 2021. I have been a part of many amazing NFT communities, participate in Solana Defi protocols, and have changed my life through the opportunities Solana has provided for me. I like to think I have a really strong pulse on Solana culture, and am passionate about the growth of Solana as well as all the amazing products, dreams, and ideas Jupiter is bringing to the world! I left my IRL job of 11 years 2 weeks ago to pursue a lifestyle that I am more passionate about. With that being said I am studying for my real estate license but I have plenty of time to devote to this initiative and am excited to see where this journey can lead me. I am also a member of the Catdat army! JUP 4 JUP LFGrow!!!

What we are asking for: $24k USDC for 3 month trial for workgroup. $4k per month for both Becc and I for salary to work on this initiative.


Ok, happy to be proven wrong but short answer = no, long answer = maybe, with a bunch of asterisks. The asterisks:

  1. While video is typically the best format (assuming time & money is no object), all good content including video starts from a well-conceived source script, even if that script is just a few loose bullet points to riff from. That source material can, and often should, be deployed across multiple formats & destinations… which means it starts bleeding into what other WGs are doing, and/or creates duplication/confusion among other WGs & Jupiter leaders who are trying to communicate ideas. So the upshot of all that is: if the team in this proposal can handle being the epicenter of all content, then we’ve got the makings of a WG. If they’re just video specialists trying to get paid for making good video content without the obligation to collaborate & compromise with other teams, then we’ve got what a lot of proposals have looked like which is contractors seeking a contract gig. It’s not a WG in its proposed state.
  2. Are there no links to stuff y’all have done? Surely I’m missing where it is… but I see nothing? Lmk. Goes without saying we should see some portfolios — not just to validate your skillsets, but also to get a pulse on just how much of “you” is in the content. Because crucially, the video content you’re proposing needs to be useful independent of you. If one of you is prominent throughout all the videos representing Jupiter, and then a month from now you decide Jup is scem & you’re all about a competing protocol… well then, you will have been disingenuous in your work here. And of course, it cuts both ways: if your video on Jup’s twitter gets 500 views, but on your personal twitter it gets 5,000 views, then that’s an argument you’d want to make as to the value you bring here and why you’re worth it.
  3. The aforementioned also leads us into conversations about whether Jup should be paying a dedicated resource for this kind of content rather than putting individual topics out on a Superteam bounty or setting a test budget to see what kind of quality we can get for $X. Because again… and many of us keep saying this… crypto is global, and 1st world country salary assumptions are dubious. It’s also unclear what we get for $4k/mo, so setting some expectation there would be “helpful”, i.e. table stakes for pitching yourselves.

I would be in support of this working group, however, not just yet. We have recently started several working groups and I think we need to allow those working groups to do their work so we can then assess how successful they are or have been. So I would be waiting for several months before I would even consider another WG.

Hi @Lelandthehustle ,

Do you have an example video that you would like to create? If you could provide a typical video, it would give the DAO a much clearer picture to decide on. Also, do you have KPIs that indicate the value you will bring to JUP DAO? For example, how many people are expected to watch the video? Additionally, could you please provide any Solana content you have made?

Thank you for your contribution!