Trial JWGs: Updates From First Coworking Session

Did my first public coworking session with the trial working groups on Thursday on discord, checked in on what they have been cooking, and we discussed what was important for them as next steps.

Given the very high level of interest in how Jupiter Work Groups work, wanted to share the summary of the discussion.

Catdet WG

For the Catdet Work Group, they play an important role in establishing and growing the culture. They have done an amazing job so far being hyper responsive in discord, establishing dedicated feedback and communication channels and hearing from the community. In particular, they have set up a feedback channel here, so feel free to participate if you have not done so yet.


One of their key tasks in the upcoming weeks will be to create a set of clear ethos, guidelines and rules for Catdets and discord community at large. This is obviously an important and highly impactful change, so this will be done in a very careful, gradual and very consultative manner.


For the Web Work Group, they are currently focused on JUP station. This is a crucial resource that has been needing a revamp for a while, and they have reseached studied the content map of the existing Jupiter Station site extensively, gotten a lot of feedback and are currently re-working its organisation.

Image… This is very important groundwork for any changes they will make to the site, with the next step being to make concrete PRs to the site. Once the station is stable and there is a strategy for keeping it up to date, more web resources can be considered.


For the Reddit Work Group, they have set up the subreddit page, made everything look great, and importantly, has a number of contributors on it already.



The main job ahead will be to both activate the community to become more active on the platform, create more organic contributions. Importantly, it should also include driving a much higher level of presence on other subreddits.

strong textSummary: If you are interested, do join in on the future sessions. I will try my best to host them for a few weeks to start so that everyone can get a good sense of the Workgroup processes. For now, I think we have a really good start on everything and starting to form a really productive and fun process for everyone involved.

The community has been extremely supportive and helpful towards the workgroups as well, with Catdets such as Opacks contributing a lot of quality infographic content.

In the next planetary call, we will set aside time for every trial workgroup to present their progress, ideas and how everyone can get involved!


Regarding station revamp and strategy, had proposal a while ago to consider highly researched revamp of station from both design + tech perspective.

Have done similar work for other big ecosystem. If there is a opportunity, i would like to get involved.

Would love to hear your feedback here; [Proposal] Revamp, expand, and grow Jupiter Station into the ultimate platform for navigating the Jupiter ecosystem

Thank you🙏

Hi @boldpanther !
The WWG is working on the station re-vamp and the community DAO site. We should connect and discuss more. Will friend you on discord.