Proposal: Utilization of Unclaimed $JUP to Bolster Active Staking Rewards (ASR)

Incredible & well thought thru proposal. Hope those in charge like the CWG are taking note of such proposals to either reach a decision to start a debate which can lead to a vote.


Totally agree the best thing is to hold unclaimed tokens and have an additional airdrop.

Yes great idea. JUP 4 JUP, JUP in those who believe and are staked in JUP!


I believe the initial airdrop rights should be distributed linearly to those who are entitled. BUT How about distributing it to people who both earned an airdrop in season 1 and are currently staking JUP? This way, the airdrop would be distributed to those who are genuinely staking and using Jupiter.


Most people have moved their JUP to ledgers. So not a great idea as I doubt many kept their JUP in hot wallets. Distribute as ASR is fair though, easy to keep track of wallets.

How does one get their proposal to the voting stage?

if the goal is for JUP to be the retail dex - and an iOS app is forthcoming - could a portion of the ASR rewards (say, 10% ) be set aside as a referral reward for new iOS users? to prevent current catdets from just referring themselves, maybe offer 5 jup for 5 iOS users?

OK, just do it fast, our community can’t wait a great news